Month: February 2020

How to get rid of lizards 

               Keeping your home hygienic and avoid getting startled by pest every corner of the house. Opening cupboards only to find a unpleasant sight  of lizards. Most lizards are harmless. Average household lizards are best visually repelling and give you a unsettling feel.                       Some lizards are venomous and  quite aggressive. There are many peoples who have …

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Important points for teenage girls 

                 Family is very important teenagers but the thing they can’t live. Wth the constant pressure of growing up and becoming someone,  it is easy to loss track of what is really.  1)Friendship                     Teenage friendships are  the sense of belongings, feelings of being valued. The friendship gives the sense of security and comfort. It gives the …

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The benefits of fenugreek 

                   Fenugreek is a herb  with many potential health benefits including improving cholesterol and blood pressure. It is often used to enhance flavour in Indian curries. If seeds and leaves are common ingredients in dishes from the India. It contain iron,  protein, fibre, alkaloids. Health benefits of fenugreek It glowing and cleanser the skin. It  exfoliate …

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