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How to change photo in driving license online

         Today I would like to inform you about how to change a photo in your driving license. Driving license is an official  document  issued by the government of India.It is mandatory for an individual to possess a driving license to freely drive his vehicle  in any public areas in India.It gives citizens  the permission...CONTINUE READING
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How to make tasty soft parotta

      Today I would like to inform you about how to make soft parotta. Parotta is a favourite food of all keratitis. We always buy porotta from shops.  It is a subcontinent layered flat bread . It is made from maida or atta. We can make tasty parotta at home.      Today we can see how to...CONTINUE READING
Category:Food, Health Tips

How to make soft chapati from liquid dough

      Today I would like to inform you a new form  of chapati. Commonly we take a large bowl and stir together whole wheat flour, water and salt, and make a soft dough. It is a common food in India.  It is a type of roti made with whole wheat flour.           It contains soluble fibre. It...CONTINUE READING
Category:Food, Health Tips

A variety tasty lemon juice

       Today I would like to inform you about varieties of lemon water.Lemon water gives many benefits to our body. It contains vitamin c. It promotes hydration to our body. It helps to loss our weight.It reduces wrinkling of our skin. It prevents constipation. It helps to digest food more easily. It avoid bad breath. It...CONTINUE READING
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We should avoid the combination of these foods

     Today I would like to inform you  about a food never eat together. When we eat certain foods,we get stomach ache and gas trouble. Let’s see why this happened. This can happen when you eat contradictory foods together.      Banana should not be eaten with milk. It may cause gas trouble,vomiting, stomach pain.  Milk should not...CONTINUE READING
Category:Food, Health Tips

Uses of orange peels

       Today we can see the important uses of orange peels.Orange is the citrus fruit .It is high in vitamin C.It improves our immune system.It lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar level. One orange / day will give you adequate vitamin C. Morning time is the best time to eat. Take after the breakfast to avoid...CONTINUE READING

How to make vitamin c oil

         Vitamin  c is one of the most skin care component. It can help to heal blemishes, reduce hyperpigmentation, and glow to the skin. It contains  anti microbial and antioxidants and helps to brighten the skin. We can used this oil before moisturizer. We can apply this oil during the night time.It helps as a shield...CONTINUE READING
Category:Food, Health Tips

Free kits for students in grade 1 to 8

           We received many benefits during this period of covid-19. Free kits are available for ration cards. About 27 lakh students are studying in the year 2020-21. Today I am sharing with you about a deserving benefit they deserve.       The food benefit that students are entitled is the food security allowance. That benefit must surely reach...CONTINUE READING
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How to make soft and  tasty broken wheat halwa

         Today I would like to introduce you to a halwa that melts in your mouth. This halwa is made with broken wheat. Let’s see  how it is prepared. Ingredients  Broken wheat  – ¾ cup Water  – 2 cup Jaggery   – 2  Coconut  milk – 1 cup  Salt  – 1 pinch  Sugar  – 1 tsp...CONTINUE READING
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