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How to transfer old phone contacts to new phone

              We are all smartphone users. We save a lot of contacts on the phone. If we lose our contact from this phone, let’s see how we can recover it. We can change this contacts to a new phone from old phone. I want to introduce you to how it is.         If we want to...CONTINUE READING
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Some things we don’t pay attention to on YouTube

      We are all use YouTube’s apps on mobile. We have to keep our whatsapp and Facebook messenger locked on our mobile. But do we lock the YouTube app?         Even children in our homes can search YouTube and watch their favourite videos. Today I would like to share with you a few things we need to...CONTINUE READING
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Know if your phone is safe

        Most of us are whatsapp users. Good messages are coming through  whatsapp. But messages that cause many problems in the community have also come through whatsapp. WhatsApp even comes with scary messages for others.             There are even messages asking if our smartphone is hacked. We often trust those messages and forward it  to others. Good...CONTINUE READING
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How to recover forgot password

       We are all smartphone users. We also use passwords to use various applications on phone. gmail, Facebook, Instagram etc.       We opened these applications by creating an email and a password.Remembering a lot of passwords can be a difficult task.       How  we forget this password. Today I would like to share with you how to recover...CONTINUE READING
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We can build home theater at our home

     We can make an easily  home theatre at our home. Usually it is very costly. But now we can  build home theatre at low cost.       If you are build a home theater,you should know about the items ,you can save money.Today we can see about the E gate projector. We can make it very small...CONTINUE READING
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How to connect the phone to the TV .

          I would like to share with you about a system that allows us to see everything in our phone on our TV. We can see this using Wi-Fi. Now children in all households are learning through online.         But we can share the contents of this phone via Wi-Fi and watch it on TV. Another feature...CONTINUE READING
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How to cut churidar material in 5 minutes

      Let’s see how to sew a churidar beautifully at home. Those who do not know how to sew churidar can also sew  in this way. It does not require any measurement. We can sew it in 5 minute.         A churidar stitch costs around Rs 500 . Even if have a tailoring machine at home, many...CONTINUE READING
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How to make  sandalwood candles

      The number of unemployed person is  increased during this period of covid 19. So today I want to introduce you to a job that can be done at  home.That is sandal wood manufacturing business.You can start this business with small investment.In this business, you can using machines. It is a very simple small business.            This...CONTINUE READING
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    A beautiful house for Rs 6 lakh

     If you want to build a good house during this time, it will cost around Rs 30 lakh. But today I want to introduce you how to build a beautiful house for just Rs 6 lakh. We are introducing  a house at mathra near panthirankavu in kozhikode district. There we go to a house prepared...CONTINUE READING
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