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BSNL special  recharge  for 1 year validiy

        BSNL is a government telecommunications service provider.It provides telecommunications services like mobile voice,internet  services.BSNL provides fixed line telephones and mobile telephony services. It provides GSM network all over India, it offers postpaid, prepaid services and value added services. It also offers IPTV to customers to watch TV through the internet. BSNL landline launched in...CONTINUE READING
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How to unlock the smartphone while forget the password 

         Everyone uses mobile phones. But most of them lock the mobile with different  passwords. Password is used to log in to the mobile application. You will rarely need to enter a password in the applications.  Because it normally runs in the background. You should enter the password  whenever you access the application.  Passwords provide...CONTINUE READING

High quality eufy cam CCTV camera

          CCTV means Closed Circuit Television.  Most of the people use CCTV for years.picture a camera with a set of wires fed into recording devices and monitors. It helps to identify  false sense of security  and we can take precautions. A lot of CCTVs are installed  in streets . It reduces crime and increases public...CONTINUE READING
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How to work all home appliances  using solar inverter  with batteries 

         Solar energy is the renewable  energy  from sunlight into electricity. It is directly using photovoltaic,indirectly using concentrated solar power. It helps to reduce electricity  bills. It has low maintenance  costs.it helps to reduce electricity  loss.we can install photovoltaic panels on your roof to help generate energy from sunlight.it is a renewable  energy resource.         It...CONTINUE READING
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      Mobile phones are very important in our life. It helps to make and receive  calls while the user is mobile moving within the telephone service  area. It gives a variety of services  like text messaging, email, internet  access,video games etc. Smart phones have a lot of features.       It helps to keep in touch with...CONTINUE READING
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We can buy CCTV camera at Rs 200 

        CCTV is the video cameras to transmit signals to specific  places .It is most commonly  applied to those used surveillance in areas that require security. Using CCTV is very common around  the world. It is used to observe parts of a process from control  rooms, It may operate continuously to monitor an event.         CCTV...CONTINUE READING
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How to connect the smartphone to Television 

       We all use mobile phones. Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Now in this lockdown period,mobile phones have made a lot of changes in our lives. The education of children is done entirely through mobiles. Similarly there are those who work from home via mobile phones. Some children attend the...CONTINUE READING
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How to unlock locked phone without password

         We all use mobile phones. It is very important  in our life. It facilitates us in our way of life.we use mobile phones for a variety of purposes. It has the ability to keep in touch with family, business,and friends.  We can receive calls,store data,take pictures, etc. Mobile phone reception has improved greatly  due...CONTINUE READING
Category:Tech News
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