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How to connect the smartphone to Television 

       We all use mobile phones. Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Now in this lockdown period,mobile phones have made a lot of changes in our lives. The education of children is done entirely through mobiles. Similarly there are those who work from home via mobile phones. Some children attend the...CONTINUE READING
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How to unlock locked phone without password

         We all use mobile phones. It is very important  in our life. It facilitates us in our way of life.we use mobile phones for a variety of purposes. It has the ability to keep in touch with family, business,and friends.  We can receive calls,store data,take pictures, etc. Mobile phone reception has improved greatly  due...CONTINUE READING
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        Most of the people  use DTH services. Tv and broadcasting industries  give satellite services  directly to consumer households.  DTH means Direct To Home service.  It is a method of satellite  television by means of signals transmitted from direct  broadcast satellites.        Different kinds of DTH service providers  in India are TATA SKY,Airtel,Dish TV,Sun direct, Jio...CONTINUE READING
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mini UPS | internet modem power supply

keep the internet ON even when there is a power cut        The Internet is an important part of the world. It supports communication via social media. It allows people to collaborate at many different  locations. Most people use the internet.  We can’t think of a world without the internet. The internet  is unavoidable in our...CONTINUE READING
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How to get free WIFI connection(KIFI) in kerala

         Today I would like to inform you about how to get free wifi in Kerala.  This project is called KIFI. It is a free WIFI project introduced by our Kerala government. Its aim is to provide various  benefits  of information  technology and this service is available  at public places in kerala.          These WIFI connections...CONTINUE READING

   How to download sandes app in our mobile

  Today I would like to introduce a new messaging  application.  It is the application  of Indian government. This is a potential  alternative  to whatsapp. This application  doesn’t  get in the play store. It is available  for iphone and android  phones.      We can download  this application  from its official  website . It is an open...CONTINUE READING
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