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LLOYID Portable AC 

           Today  I would like to inform you about a portable AC.Many of us travel to very hot places. As such situations, we are the ones who want this portable ac. In some places the heat can be very high. But normal AC cannot be used there. Portable AC is of great benefit to us in...CONTINUE READING
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Low cost quality used cameras in calicut

      Today we want to introduce a place where the low cost camera. It is in  ,calicut camera house , mavoor  road, opposite new bus stand ,Hi bon plaza , calicut 4.We will all types of camera from here.        It is used cameras. We get old to new cameras from here. Basic start camera,medium format camera,modeling...CONTINUE READING

How to lasts longer LED TV without complaint

        Today we can see how to last longer  LED tv without complaint. LED Tv s functions more like computer. It offers high resolution video and audio quality.          In LED tv’s screen should be LCD type. But it has LED bulbs are using for back light. We can use this tv for long time. It has...CONTINUE READING
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We get all car accessories  at low cost

          Today I want to share with you about a place where car accessories are available at very low prices. Usually when we buy these from big shops we lose  a very large amount. But at a very low price we can get acquainted with the place where you can get car accessories. It is in...CONTINUE READING
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How to make fingerprint lock with camera

        All the smartphones we use have  fingerprint locks. But then let’s see how we can lock with  fingerprint on smartphones that do not have fingerprint lock.We can use camera and lock the screen with fingerprint.         It is a variety  trick.We can set fingerprint lock in all smartphones.Download an application  called ICE unlock fingerprint scanner.Create a...CONTINUE READING
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True wireless headset oppo enco w51

        Today I would like to inform you about oppo wireless headset.It is oppo enco w51 wireless headset.It have given a breakthrough noise reduction for calls and music.It seems only natural to expect this feature, an increasing number of true wireless earphones.It is a pair of true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation.     We get white...CONTINUE READING
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How to download PAN card using mobile phone

      We all have PAN card. But do you know that this PAN Card is in our mobile. Let’s see how to find it. PAN card is one of the most important financial identity card in our country. This card is essential for paying income tax. It is also necessary to make a payments in excess...CONTINUE READING
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How to send files upto GB easily

                 We are all use smartphones. We also send messages to many people for various purposes from our smartphones. Let us see how to send a file upto 5gb via smartphone. We cannot send any large files via WhatsApp or messenger. With WhatsApp  we can only send files upto 16 MB. Also if we mail the...CONTINUE READING
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How to save battery life

      Often the battery charge of our phone drains  quickly.We can’t know how to save the battery charge. It is very important problem. Today we can see how this battery drains and how to solve this problem.            Downloaded applications  are the main problem to drain the battery. Uninstall the unwanted applications. Prevent the unwanted notifications.Just turn...CONTINUE READING
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How to avoid excessive  ice forming in the freezer

            We are all use refrigerator at home. But it is common for ice to freeze in the freezer due to extreme cold. Today I want to share with you how to avoid freezing ice in the single door fridge freezer. When ice cubes are formed in the freezer, we remove them by beating.        Occasionally there...CONTINUE READING
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