Financial plan for visiting Europe 

                 Visiting Europe is one of the best popular things to do in our life. we are going on an international holiday. From booking your flight tickets,  accommodation to having foods can be quite expensive affair. if not planned properly, you would only be racking up debts, undermining memories of the vacation. Now you have 5 years to plan your vacation, allocating your funds ensure that you are left additional funds for financial emergencies.

              Most people would prefer depositing their funds in deposit account or saving account. These avenues  generate a very small amount return as compared to mutual funds.

              Mutual Funds generate significantly higher returns when it comes to recurring Investments. It allow to invest in small amounts through systematic investment plan on regular basis. It  generate inflation beating returns. You can choose the frequency of payment. It is the best option to find your planned vacation. You can enjoy returns arranging 6 – 15 %. 


  • You should estimate the overall expenses for your  vacation includes flight tickets, accommodation, travel and other expenses. 
  •  You should decide the date and time 
  • Assess the financial aspects 
  • Budget your expenses and allocate a fixed amount to invest in mutual funds.
  • Pick the right mutual fund matching your requirements.  
  • Avoid package tour. 
  • You should book ticket before 3 months.
  •  Don’t take  loans for trips.

Mutual Funds are three types 

  • Equity funds

                 These funds invest primarily in companies of various sectors to generate return ranging 8-14 %

  •  Debt funds

 These funds invest in government securities,  T-bills, corporate bonds which ensure a fixed source of income. The rate of return between the range of 6 – 10 %.

  •  Hybrid funds

 These funds are not only will your investments have the stability of debt funds but also the growth of equity funds.

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