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Important uses of powder

  Powder has become an integral part of each of our lives. We often use powder on the face .We may also have powder in our homes after expiry. Often we take them away. But today I would like to share with you a few tricks on using expired or non expired powders. If we have...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

How to make soft and  tasty broken wheat halwa

         Today I would like to introduce you to a halwa that melts in your mouth. This halwa is made with broken wheat. Let’s see  how it is prepared. Ingredients  Broken wheat  – ¾ cup Water  – 2 cup Jaggery   – 2  Coconut  milk – 1 cup  Salt  – 1 pinch  Sugar  – 1 tsp...CONTINUE READING

Food coupon instead of free kit

        We all are know the hundred days  karma program is on the way. So free kits will be distributed for the next four months. Civil supplies Association officials had submitted a petition to the government seeking a replacement coupon instead of  food kits.            In order to provide free kits,the food items are required for this...CONTINUE READING
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How to control our cholesterol  level

   Cholesterol is essential for our body. But if it is too much that cholesterol is harmful to our body. Excess cholesterol can lead to heart attack. Most of our increase cholesterol is due to changes in our lifestyle.          All peoples are thinking, the main cause of high cholesterol is eating fatty food. But that is...CONTINUE READING
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How to prevent water leaking in pressure  cooker

          Pressure cookers have  Played a huge role in our kitchen for generations. The truth is that these days you can’t even  imagine a kitchen without a pressure cooker. This is because with a pressure cooker we can cook food very quickly.             But pressure cooker is also one of the  biggest danger. So it is very...CONTINUE READING
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Corona kavach insurance

           Today I am sharing with you a topic that is useful to everyone in this covid-19 daily  increasing situation. Mostly this disease is increasing through contacts. At present,covid-19 treatment is available completely free of cost through government hospitals. For the average person, it is one of the most helpful.           But if the number of...CONTINUE READING
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Main causes of mouth ulcers

          There will be no one without mouth ulcers. But you must be careful if you are constantly getting mouth ulcer. Mouth sores are not a trivial matter. Mouth ulcers come in many forms for many people. Some people get mouth sores because  of they bite their mouth. Are suffering from mouth sores?             Do you have ...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

Early symptoms  of kidney disease

           In this time, increased  the number of kidney patients rapidly. It is most commonly seen in young peoples.Many people only know this after 2 kidneys have been damaged.With early detection and treatment we can control it.                 Let’s see how we can diagnose kidney disease. As soon as  kidney damage starts, our body parts showing many...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

Simple exercises to get relief from  the headache

           Do you have headaches on continuous days? Do you use a lot of tablets for headaches? while taking the tablets may bring relief but this head ache can occur again.If at first the head ache came once a week, then it will occur every day.              It may causes due to any strain,as soon as you...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

Home remedy for whitening  skin

         Many of us have a lot of acne on our face, scars and wrinkles. Often a lot of medications are used but they do not change. Artificial drugs that do more harm than good.We  want to share with you a remedy to change the blackheads ,whiteheads and wrinkles on our face. It is a facepack....CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips