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Children with cancer get free food and accomodation 

           Today I want to inform you about a place where the free treatment  and accomodation for children with cancer . This is called hope home. They provide a lot of help to children who are financially backward  and have  cancer.         In edappally, Ernakulam ,hope home has a house that 5 families live together. It is...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

We should avoid the combination of these foods

     Today I would like to inform you  about a food never eat together. When we eat certain foods,we get stomach ache and gas trouble. Let’s see why this happened. This can happen when you eat contradictory foods together.      Banana should not be eaten with milk. It may cause gas trouble,vomiting, stomach pain.  Milk should not...CONTINUE READING
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How to make aloevera oil 

             Today I want share with you how to make aloe vera oil. Aloe vera  is a medicinal plant used to treat various health conditions. It contains anti oxidants and anti bacterial contents. We can use aloe vera for healing wounds. It reduces dental plaque and it reduces constipation. It prevent wrinkles.          We can apply aloe...CONTINUE READING
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How to pedicure feet at home

      Today we can see how to clean our feet.We should daily wash our feet to keep them clean.It is very essential. Because clean feet is the sign of neatness. Always clean our feet with nail brush. Use foot scrubber for heels.Gently pat your feet dry.          Avoid alcohol containing lotions. Soak our feet and use pumice...CONTINUE READING
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Uses of orange peels

       Today we can see the important uses of orange peels.Orange is the citrus fruit .It is high in vitamin C.It improves our immune system.It lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar level. One orange / day will give you adequate vitamin C. Morning time is the best time to eat. Take after the breakfast to avoid...CONTINUE READING

Main symptoms of breast cancer

     Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells invade or spread to other parts of body. It is more than 100 types. It is uncontrolled development of cells. It is caused by certain changes to genes. It is a leading cause of death. Cancer develops when the normal mechanism of body stops working. Cancer cells grow...CONTINUE READING
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How to store vegetables in fridge

              Fridge is a home appliance consisting of thermally insulation and heat pump transfer heat from its inside to external environment. We can use fridges for keeping things cool. We put food, drinks, vegetables,  leaves in it. It keeps things unspoiled for a long time.          Carrots,potatoes, cabbage,should be stored in plastic bag.Mushrooms are best to store...CONTINUE READING
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What is carpel tunnel syndrome ?

       A numbness and tingling in the hand and arm is called carpel tunnel syndrome. It is caused by pinched nerve in the wrist. The main symptoms  are numbness,tingling,weakness in hand.            A pressure applied on your median nerve,it goes through your wrist called carpel tunnel  ,which ends in your hand.This nerve controls the movement of your...CONTINUE READING
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