How to reduce cold and cough in children 


      Cold is a very common problem in children. After suffering  from a cold,they can feel sick between  one or two weeks. But we can get over the cold quickly. You should  take plenty  of water . It helps to loosen the mucus and helps to get sudden relief from cold. You can take clear broth,soups,water, juices, lemon water,honey ,etc. It prevents  dehydration.  But you should avoid alcohol, coffee,or soda.

     You should  take rest.It helps to get cured quickly. The congestion  felt in the nose can be very annoying. You can use swine nasal sprays.  It helps to remove congestion  and stuffing quickly. You can gargle warm salt water temporarily.  It helps to relieve  sore throat. You can sip warm fluids such as chicken soup  or vegetable soup . It helps to relieve congestion by increasing  the flow of mucus .

        You should take more than adequate  hours of sleep when suffering  from a cold. Less sleeping weakens the immune  system. Sleep fights the cold . So sleep well.consume a teaspoon of honey daily at bedtime. It helps to soothe the throat. Honey has inflammatory properties. You can add one teaspoon of honey with warm water and drink it. 

      NnIf your child has an upper respiratory  tract infection, you can relieve it clearly. If your child has wheezing,  it is another problem. The main symptoms of upper respiratory  tract infection  are fever,cold, and a small cough. If the child has pneumonia,  they are dull, they have cough, body pain, breathing  difficulties, fever,grunting, wheezing , etc. 

      We can see some natural  remedies to give the child   initially. You can install  nasal drops to the nose.we can buy it with spray or drops.  It helps to open the nose. You should  keep it in your home. You should give a prone position  to the children. It helps the child to breathe  easily.  Elevate the head slightly.  You can give paracetamol  to them. If your child has wheezing,  you can give asthalin syrup or spray. You can use this spray or inhaler 3 times / hour. After that you can get them into the hospital.  It helps to get relief from wheezing. You should not give antibiotics. Do not miss danger signs. 

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