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How to measure the land an easy way

          Today we can see how to find the land measurements. We can always depend the land surveyor or civil engineer for measuring the land. But it is very expensive. This is a very difficult thing for ordinary people. But today I want to explain about  how to measure the area of your land and estimate...CONTINUE READING

The benefits of APL cards has been stopped

         There are four types of ration cards in our state. Two are priority cards and two are non priority cards. Priority  and non priority category card holders also received benefits in the time of covid-19.         But the state government has withdrawn the covid benefit for non priority card holders. Therefore white and blue card holders...CONTINUE READING

Changes when withdrawing money from SBI ATM counters

          We are the ones who use banking facilities for various benefits. SBI bank has undergone a major change in these days. ATMs are more commonly used by everyone than going to the banks and making payments. Other commercial banks will also be releasing their security measures in the coming days.           State Bank of India is...CONTINUE READING

How to make soft and  tasty broken wheat halwa

         Today I would like to introduce you to a halwa that melts in your mouth. This halwa is made with broken wheat. Let’s see  how it is prepared. Ingredients  Broken wheat  – ¾ cup Water  – 2 cup Jaggery   – 2  Coconut  milk – 1 cup  Salt  – 1 pinch  Sugar  – 1 tsp...CONTINUE READING

The last  date for submission of central government  pension life certificate is December 31 st.

             Today I want to share with you about the biggest issue that pension beneficiaries  need to know. The submission of the life certificate which was supposed to start in November has been start  from October.           Such a decision was made taking into according to the difficulties of covid-19 as well as the elderly people. Here...CONTINUE READING

Food coupon instead of free kit

        We all are know the hundred days  karma program is on the way. So free kits will be distributed for the next four months. Civil supplies Association officials had submitted a petition to the government seeking a replacement coupon instead of  food kits.            In order to provide free kits,the food items are required for this...CONTINUE READING
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How to build a beautiful 4 bedroom house in 5 cents

              A beautiful house is everyone’s dream. It is very difficult to build a house in a low cost way. Today I would like to share with you about a two storey house with 4 bedrooms built to 1800 square feet.          This house has a medium sized sitout. The entrance to the  living hall is from...CONTINUE READING

How to control our cholesterol  level

   Cholesterol is essential for our body. But if it is too much that cholesterol is harmful to our body. Excess cholesterol can lead to heart attack. Most of our increase cholesterol is due to changes in our lifestyle.          All peoples are thinking, the main cause of high cholesterol is eating fatty food. But that is...CONTINUE READING
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WDCSE loan scheme for women 

                        This is one of the most helpful in this  time of rising unemployment Doing a job on their own is everyone’s dream.Today I would like to share with you the women Development Corporation self employment loan scheme. It is a  loan scheme for women. This loan has a very low interest rate. Eligibility  Age limit...CONTINUE READING