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How to make automatic power inverter simply

   An inverter is the most important equipment in a house. Inverter is an apparatus which converts direct current in to  alternating current. It is a power electronic device. There are 3 major types of inverters.They are sine wave,modified sine wave,and square wave inverters.Appliances at our homes use ac power to operate. Inverters kick in...CONTINUE READING

Branded kurtis are available at Rs 250

        Kurtis are important to wear in our country.  It is used as a festival garment and it is worn during various festival seasons. Indian kurtis provide you the perfect outlook on the memorable festivals. It was used in the past back in Northern India. But now it has spread and become part of the...CONTINUE READING

Emergency LED bulb with separate charging battery -Livon Emergency LED bulb

        LED bulbs are energy efficient and eco friendly lighting options. It uses 85% less energy than Incandescent bulbs. These bulbs provide beautiful warm white light and exceptionally long life, immediate ,significant energy savings. LED is light emitting diode.majority of lighting installations use LED technology. It is different from other lighting types.It is available in...CONTINUE READING

How to withdraw PF amount online easily

        Every investment is aimed towards three goals: build wealth,have a regular income from a pension and protect the future . Everyone purchases a separate financial item to get these objectives. Employees Provident Fund Organisation is the main statutory social security body under Government of India’s ministry of labour and employment. It is responsible for...CONTINUE READING

How to open mobile charger  adapters within seconds 

      Mobile chargers are an important part of mobile phones. Customers paying more importance to mobile chargers. If you want to operate the features of the latest handsets ,you need a battery to communicate. Without a battery ,no use for your mobile phone . Most mobile phones have lithium ion batteries. These batteries are rechargeable. Do...CONTINUE READING

Benefits of gypsum plastering

Gypsum plaster is a white cementing material made by complete or partial dehydration of mineral Gypsum with hardeners added.It can be applied in a plastic state . Then it sets and hardens by chemical recombination of gypsum with water.In hard finish plaster, the Gypsum is completely dehydrated at high temperature. During the time of manufacturing,...CONTINUE READING

UPVC and steel windows and doors at affordable prices – CAM windows, Ernakulam

UPVC materials are unplasticized polyvinyl chloride materials. These are located maintenance building materials used as a substitute for painted wood. UPVC materials are commonly used for window frames and Sills.It is installing double glazing in new buildings or replacing all the single glazed Windows. UPVC is a cheaper alternative material used for expensive hardwood Timber...CONTINUE READING