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Paper plate manufacturing  business  with buy back 

        Buy back is a corporate action .A company buys back shares from existing shareholders normally at a price higher than market price. It helps the companies to invest themselves. It reduces the number  of shares on the market  and buybacks increase the proportion of shares.It increases earnings  per share. It increases return on capital....CONTINUE READING

How to start a hair band manufacturing  business  with low cost

       Businesses are very important  in a nation.  It helps in the economic growth of a  nation. You can start a small business  with low investment.  Small  businesses  are mainly bakery,grocery  shops,party planning, car dealerships,  etc. Small businesses  are the generation  of employment  per unit of capital. It helps to create  our nation from a...CONTINUE READING

How to check the LPG subsidy  online easily

         LPG subsidy was launched in March 2015 by the Indian government. The main purpose of LPG subsidy is motivating LPG users who are able to pay the market price for LP to surrender their LPG subsidy. Banks made a big change in the LPG subs rule that now LPG subsidy will not get the...CONTINUE READING

Kerala Bank Suvidha Loan – How to apply, eligibility

         Kerala state cooperative bank is a scheduled bank in India.It is launched  by pinarayi Vijayan.Its Supreme authority  is general body. It consists  of A class members,ex officials directors,and directors  nominated  by the government. The board of directors has 21 members of whom fifteen are elected  by A class members  of the bank.          Its headquarters...CONTINUE READING

Power tools at low price 

       Power tools are used for an additional  power source and mechanisms used for manual labour with hand tools.power tools are used in many industries. It is used for cooking,cleaning, drilling, cutting, sandling, grinding,polishing,painting,  heating, etc.Hand held power tools produce large amounts of noise and vibrations. Using power tools without hearing protection over a long period ...CONTINUE READING

Cleaning mop manufacturing business – Rs 1lakhs profits/ month

       Home based business  is a profitable  business.  Now most of  the people  like to work from home.The best home business  is one that meets most requirements on our list. You should select  a good business plan. You can earn good income from this business. Home businesses  are small businesses  that operate  from our home...CONTINUE READING

Organic banana powder business  – how to  start ,machineries, how to get huge profit 

       Business is very important for the development  of an economy  of a country. True businesses  are used in industries. Industries  use men,materials,  money,machines ,etc. It helps to create employment for all the people.  Commerce  is the exchange of products.we can use natural  resources  for business. We can use natural  resources thr proper and efficient...CONTINUE READING

Peanut candy business- How to start,  How to make perfectly, impotance

  Peanuts have a lot of health  benefits.  Boiled peanuts are a very popular snack in our country.Peanut is an excellent  source of manganese ,niacin ,fiber,vitamin  E,phosphorus ,copper and magnesium. Peanuts are low in carbohydrates. It has excellent  sources of vitamins  and minerals. It has a rich dietary source of biotin,copper, niacin(vitamin  B3),folic acid,thiamine,etc.It helps...CONTINUE READING

How to start a low cost business  with banana

        New business  ideas help to invest money and create sales and profits.  You should select  good ideas . It helps to make a huge profit. We can see many different  aspects  contribute to the success in your business.  A business  idea is very important  in business.Behind every good business,  there is a great idea....CONTINUE READING
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