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Scholarship payments arrived in students bank accounts

            Today we want to share with you about scholarships for students to ensure  all educational needs. Rs 10000 to Rs 20000 has now been deposited in students bank accounts. All scholarships offered by central and state governments and various private or foreign companies in the country.           An app called buddy for study combines such  scholarships...CONTINUE READING

The central and state government benefits of August 

     The central and state governments have announced various benefits for us in the time of this  onam. The central and state governments have given us a lot of benefits in the last few months in the time of covid-19. They were the greatest help to the common man. Therefore it is essential that all the...CONTINUE READING

An opportunity to become a woman military police 

                Today I want to share with you a notification for female candidates in the Indian army who wish to  join this. The vacancies for a post in the general duty woman military police.                 Eligibility to apply for this post is SSLC. Total there are  99 vacancies. The general duty woman military police has been in...CONTINUE READING

How to make tasty puffed rice 

           We all got a lot of ration rice during this lock down. Many people have tried this ration rice in many different ways. Many even made biriyani with ration rice. But today I want to share with you how to make puffed rice  with the ration rice we got.              This is a favourite of children...CONTINUE READING
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Last date to apply for welfare fund benefits,  July 31st

            At this time of expansion of covid-19 in our state, our  central and state governments are distributing various benefits. This benefit is one of them. The financial assistance received is Rs  1000. This assistance will be available through various welfare boards.              Those who  have not yet applied and have not been able to apply can...CONTINUE READING
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Onam  free kit distribution  started from August 5th 

         The chief minister had said at a press conference that kits would be distributed to all card holders on the occasion of Onam. It was announced that the kit  would be delivered by the end of August month.                   But that was changed and kit will be available to the general public in early August. You...CONTINUE READING

How to remove dark circles around the neck

             Dark circles  around the neck are  a problem that affects all most all people. There are many reasons for dark circles around the neck. Some peoples have black colour around the neck because of wearing jewellery. When losing weight will be cause the dark circles around the neck.          This dark circle around the neck can...CONTINUE READING
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Benefits of garlic

              Garlic is a common ingredient in our homes. Often we do not know the benefits of garlic. Garlic has many benefits that we do not know about that. Today I want to share with you about the benefits of garlic.Garlic is one of the most abundant ingredient in our curries. We use a lot of...CONTINUE READING
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