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Home based business  – Low investment, high profit

            We can start small  businesses  at low investment. A person struggles  for capital that can enable him to successfully realize his idea. There are a lot of small business ideas that require  very less investment.  If executed these ideas well,can ensure the business  is profitable. Business  idea with low investment is a very desirable...CONTINUE READING

Mutual fund investment  – High return  from small investment 

      An investment  is an investing amount  to allocate money with the expectation of a positive return  in the future. Invest means owning an item for generating  income from the investment.  It is an essential  part of wealth creation. There are many types of investments.They are growth  investments, shares,property,defensive investments, cash,fixed interests,etc.we can also start...CONTINUE READING

How to calculate  weight of a Buffalo with measuring  tape

           A Buffalo has a black colour cattle-like  appearance  . Buffaloes are different  types. The domestic Buffalo,water Buffalo, cape Buffalo, Eurasia Buffalo. Water buffaloes  are used for milk,meat and work. All types of buffaloes  are black in color and large in physique. Most buffaloes  have a horn . Absence of sweat glands on its skin...CONTINUE READING

How to control  diabetes  naturally 

          Diabetes is a common disease  that causes  high blood sugar. It is a disorder where the body does not produce  insulin. Or when the body cannot effectively use insulin. It has been rising more rapidly. It is the major cause  of blindness,heart attack,kidney failure, stroke,etc.we can prevent  diabetes  with a healthy  diet,maintaining  normal...CONTINUE READING

Electric  kits for converting petrol/diesel vehicles  into electric vehicles 

       Electric vehicles use chemical energy stored  in rechargeable batteries. These vehicles u se one or more electric motors for population. All electric  vehicles  run on electricity. Electric  cars are 100 % eco-friendly vehicles.These vehicles  are better than hybrid  vehicles. These vehicles  have many benefits  over petrol  or diesel cars.      The cost of electricity  we...CONTINUE READING

How to change the electricity  bill ownership online 

       Electricity plays an important role in our daily life. Which is the main component of a lot of  applications. We should pay a bill for money owed for electricity used. It is a bill that a local utility gives to a consumer for the electricity that their home consumes. Fully understanding the energy charges...CONTINUE READING