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The total amount expenses for registering a sale deed

         Sale deed is a legal document for sale and transfer ownership of property. It is the main document ,the seller transfers his rights on the property to the purchase. It provides legal recognition for the transaction  of the property. It is the final  deed. It has the name, address, age of the seller and...CONTINUE READING

How to part the family property – all details 

        Family property provides a way to protect  family  property if one spouse is wasting  it to avoid it being divided. It sets rules to determine the value  of different  assets. When a spouse makes a court application to have divided  the family  property. Family property is the personal  property owned by one or both...CONTINUE READING

How to earn profits from Hyderabad osmania biscuit business

Small businesses need lower capital than large businesses. We can start these businesses with fewer investments. Small business entrepreneurs can cater to their needs more proficiently. They can work with independence. They are their own bosses.They can control their business. They make the decisions. They can decide the hours to work,what to pay,etc.They can control...CONTINUE READING

 E shram card – Benefits, eligibility, how to apply 

       E shram scheme is developed  by the ministry of labour and employment. It is mainly for unorganised  workers. It includes name, occupation, educational qualifications, address, skills, family details  etc.The main objective  of this scheme is to create centralised database of every migrant workers, construction  workers  platform  workers, street vendors,agricultural  workers, domestic  workers, etc.It Helps...CONTINUE READING
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How to start cotton waste business  at low investment 

         Cotton wastes are used to wipe and clean with short staple lengths and used as raw material. It is mainly used in industrial  applications, auto motive ,oil industries  to clean machinery  and floors.Thread cotton waste is a by-product  as 100% cotton yarn waste.it is very cost effective. Cotton is an important  natural  fiber. It...CONTINUE READING

How to get instant  loan within 30 minutes 

         We can take small to large loans and it can be used for business  purposes, long term fixed assets.Business loans help businesses obtain commercially  reasonable  financing  from private sectors. Some banks offer a variety of financing  options for businesses  to purchase materials  and inventory .We can use them whenever funds are needed. It doesn’t...CONTINUE READING

A Natural hair oil for to prevent dandruff and hair loss 

         Dandruff is a common  disease that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. It is difficult to treat.We can treat mild dandruff with daily shampoo. Otherwise we can use medicated shampoo. The signs and symptoms of dandruff  are skin flakes on your eyebrows, beard,hair, scalp,shoulders,,hair loss,itchy scalp, etc.The main causes of dandruff  are...CONTINUE READING

Yousafali expresses his values about his life 

          M.A .Yusuf Ali is a billionaire business manager. He is the chairman of LULU group. He was born 15 November 1955 in Thrissur. Shakira is his wife and he has 3 daughters. In 2006,he started his business  in India. He was born in a Muslim family. In Thrissur district. He completed his schooling at...CONTINUE READING
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