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How to unlock the smartphone while forget the password 

         Everyone uses mobile phones. But most of them lock the mobile with different  passwords. Password is used to log in to the mobile application. You will rarely need to enter a password in the applications.  Because it normally runs in the background. You should enter the password  whenever you access the application.  Passwords provide...CONTINUE READING

How to get good vision through laser treatment 

        Most people  depend on contact lenses or glasses for their eyes. Because most people have myopia. Laser eye surgery  treatment  is another treatment  for myopia. Now we can see another  word: lasik eye surgery.  It is a popular laser vision correction  treatment. We can treat eye problems  using this treatment. It cures Irregularities  in...CONTINUE READING

Important Benefits of coconut  water

        Coconut water has a lot of health benefits. It has a sweet, nutty taste.it contains easily  digested Carbohydrates. It is a natural  source of electrolytes and nutrients. Drinking coconut water daily  increases circulation .It is high in potassium,sodium, magnesium. free of cholesterol  and fats,prevent kidney stones.       We can use coconut water as a sports ...CONTINUE READING

How to edit egrant details after registration 

        E grants is the educational assistance to all post matric students  of SC,ST,OBC,economically  weaker sections  of society  in kerala.we will get web based solutions  through this application. We can apply online,processing, and sanction educational  assistance. It provides  this assistance  to 3 lakhs students across the state .Students should be studying in post 10 th...CONTINUE READING

How to make air conditioner  easily 

        Air conditioners  maintain a good level of temperature and moisture  in a room. It improves  the quality of the air. It circulates the filter air and removes the pollutants  from the air. It creates a healthy atmosphere. It gives a comfortable atmosphere. It increases working  capacity. It provides a cool environment.       We can sleep...CONTINUE READING

How to keep the house cool easily

       We can reduce the heat in our home easily. The cost of cooling home can be saved by passive techniques.  It doesn’t need expensive installations.we can reduce the heat for free ,and low cost.The most effective  ways to block heat entering  your home are insulation, shading and reflective barriers. Insulation helps to keep your...CONTINUE READING
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