How to unlock your android phone easily 


Everyone uses smartphones. It is an essential thing in our daily life. We can’t think a moment without mobile phone. Most of the people use Android or iPhones . It keeps their data like files ,images ,videos ,etc secure. It has become a choice for uses to keep their phone secure by using locks. All smartphones has locks like pattern, pin or password. Sometimes we forget to the pattern or pin or password. There is no way to recover your data without factory resetting your device. But you can unlock your phone and recover your data easily.It doesn’t need internet connection.


How to unlock your smartphone with hard reset


Long press power key

Then tap on power off

Press the power and volume down button at the same time ,the phone is completely off.

You feel a vibration and continue holding until you see a logo.

Your phone will enter the recovery mode.

You can let go off the buttons once the screen is on.

Then enter the pattern

Tap on the forgot password option

You can see a message saying you will lose everything.

Click on okay button to start the factory reset

Your phone will erase all the data and reboot once all data is removed.

Then start the phone including adding your Google account ,apps ,photos and songs.

How to unlock your phone by using find my device option


We can locate,lock and erase the phones data remotely using the service of Google

Visit to the Google find my device

Select device from the list.

Select erase device option.

All data of your phone will be permanently erased.

You can start up and sign into your Google account again.


Everyone keeps their Android phone protected with the password. But in the time of fingerprint sensor ,face ID unlocking there is a chance to forget the pin ,password or pattern. But you can access it in many ways. Most of the phones these days give the option to use biometrics to login. You can use a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition. You can unlock your phone using Google find my device. You should login to your Google account from any other devices.


You should need the location turned on and connected to Wi-Fi. Then click on the device you want to unlock and click on the secure device. Select the erase device and confirm it.


Smart Lock is available on Android phones which allows your phone to open without a password. You should enable it before you lose your pin. If you are using an older version of Android, you can unlock your phone using the forgot pattern feature. If you have failed to unlock your phone 5 times, you can see a message on the bottom right of your screen. You can see the forgotten pattern button, click the button. Then enter Google account details and Google will send an email with your new unlock code.


You can unlock your phone easily. Switch off your phone first. Press the power off button and volume down button. Then remove the Memory Card and sim card from your phone. Then press the power button ,volume button and menu button on the side of the phone.your phone will be ON. Now you can see information about your phone. Select the options using scroll the volume button. press the power button. Then you can restore your phone. Press the side button to select an option. The phone can be opened as a full restore. Click the start button.skip and enter email and password. Then select your finish button. It helps to unlock your phone easily.





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