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 E shram card – Benefits, eligibility, how to apply 

       E shram scheme is developed  by the ministry of labour and employment. It is mainly for unorganised  workers. It includes name, occupation, educational qualifications, address, skills, family details  etc.The main objective  of this scheme is to create centralised database of every migrant workers, construction  workers  platform  workers, street vendors,agricultural  workers, domestic  workers, etc.It Helps...CONTINUE READING
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Social media users should know these important  things

        Social media is computer technology. We can share our ideas,information through different networks  and communities. The largest social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tiptoe,YouTube,etc. It is used to interact with society and access news  and information.we can share, create,spread the information through  social media.It connects a lot of users from different places at different ...CONTINUE READING


         Lulu mall is a shopping mall located in Kerala also. It is promoted by Abu Dhabi , based EMKE Group. It is the largest shopping mall in India . Now it is opening  at Thiruvananthapuram. It is 2 million square feet. In Trivandrum it is located at Akkulam. It is the largest indoor entertainment...CONTINUE READING
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          It is a health project introduced by the government of India and the health department of Kerala.  The main aim is to provide a convenient centralized Healthcare system to the people.  All people get a unique identification and health care record.  The main aim is to provide a pollution-free environment, take care of the...CONTINUE READING

Ayushman arogya insurance – Rs 5 lakh insurance coverage, Benefits,How to find our name,how to download 

           Ayushman Bharat is a scheme  of the government  of India. Its aim is to achieve the vision of universal health coverage. It is a good attempt to move from a segmented approach  of health service  delivery to comprehensive health  care service. It helps to make a path breaking  intervention  to address the health care...CONTINUE READING
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Financial  assistance  Rs 1 lakh for goat farming

        Central  and state  governments  provide a lot of benefits for us. They announce welfare schemes for a cross section  of society from time to time. These schemes benefit poor,economically backward rural people of the society. The meaning  of  scheme is a design, plan or program  of action involving many  people formulated by the government....CONTINUE READING

Penalties  for not changing BPL Ration  cards

       We all have ration cards. Ration  card is an official document  issued by state governments  of India. The state  government categorises people and issues different  ration  cards according  to categories. NFSA was passed to provide a certain  quantity of food to people at affordable  prices.The  ration card holders should be aware of this information. ...CONTINUE READING

Some important  things to do before September  30,2021 – Rs 2 lakh insurance coverage

               Bank is a financial institution licenced to receive deposits and make loans. It provides financial services. We can exchange currencies and provide safe deposit boxes from banks. Different types of banks are available. Retail banks, investment  banks and commercial  banks. In April 2020 United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce  were merged...CONTINUE READING
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