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            A sewing machine is known as a stitching machine. sewing is a century old art work. Many women earn a lot with sewing machines.A sewing machine helps to sew heavy fabric like denim and leather easily. If you want to start a sewing  business, accuracy and timeliness are very important. People learn sewing for various...CONTINUE READING
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Rs 1000 to 25,000 loan assistance  from  kudumbashree  units

        Kudumbashree is the  women empowerment program implemented by the State poverty eradication mission. In the kudumbashree the neighborhood groups are the primary level units. After that the next level being area development societies functioning at the ward level and the top level being the community development society. Mainly kudumbasree has a three tier structure....CONTINUE READING
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Ration card March 2022 – Ration subsidies ,withdraw money, link to aadhar card

                Ration card is a government approved document which helps to purchase items such as food ,grains,etc. It is an official  document issued by state governments  in India to households. They provide subsidized food grain to the eligible  persons. All state governments in India have to identify  households that are eligible  for  purchasing subsidized  food...CONTINUE READING

New informations about Life mission scheme 

         Life Mission is a massive housing campaign to build houses for families without  land.Many houses constructed  under life Mission  scheme .They provide quality  houses to the underprivileged sections of society. They provide shelter to landless people  in Kerala.under life mission scheme,housing complexes will be built with modern facilities and provisions made for beneficiaries.       They...CONTINUE READING

Latest news about ration distribution, kisan samman nidhi , social welfare pension

         Different types of ration  cards in our country. State government categories ration  cards.NFSA provides certain  quantity and quality  food to people at affordable  prices. A ration  card is an official  document. It enables food grains at subsidized rates for eligible households. All citizens  must need a ration  card. Thecration cards are separated for those...CONTINUE READING

 E shram card – Benefits, eligibility, how to apply 

       E shram scheme is developed  by the ministry of labour and employment. It is mainly for unorganised  workers. It includes name, occupation, educational qualifications, address, skills, family details  etc.The main objective  of this scheme is to create centralised database of every migrant workers, construction  workers  platform  workers, street vendors,agricultural  workers, domestic  workers, etc.It Helps...CONTINUE READING
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Social media users should know these important  things

        Social media is computer technology. We can share our ideas,information through different networks  and communities. The largest social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tiptoe,YouTube,etc. It is used to interact with society and access news  and information.we can share, create,spread the information through  social media.It connects a lot of users from different places at different ...CONTINUE READING