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Penalties  for not changing BPL Ration  cards

       We all have ration cards. Ration  card is an official document  issued by state governments  of India. The state  government categorises people and issues different  ration  cards according  to categories. NFSA was passed to provide a certain  quantity of food to people at affordable  prices.The  ration card holders should be aware of this information. ...CONTINUE READING

Some important  things to do before September  30,2021 – Rs 2 lakh insurance coverage

               Bank is a financial institution licenced to receive deposits and make loans. It provides financial services. We can exchange currencies and provide safe deposit boxes from banks. Different types of banks are available. Retail banks, investment  banks and commercial  banks. In April 2020 United Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce  were merged...CONTINUE READING
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kudumbasree loan Rs 2 lakh without  any collateral 

         This is a situation where a lot of people lost their jobs because of covid 19. That is why today I am sharing with you something that is useful for such people.Many people think of starting small businesses from the comfort of their life.  But they can’t start businesses because  of financial  difficulties.  They...CONTINUE READING

New Vehicle registration  series (Bharat series ) for free vehicles transfer across the  States in india -2021

         Our central government  is bringing  a lot of changes in vehicle  registration.  State inter vehicle registration is waived and a unified system is in place across the country. The Ministry of Road transport and Highways announced that it would introduce a new registration mark for new vehicles.      The Bharat series means a vehicle with...CONTINUE READING

How to change photo in driving license online

         Today I would like to inform you about how to change a photo in your driving license. Driving license is an official  document  issued by the government of India.It is mandatory for an individual to possess a driving license to freely drive his vehicle  in any public areas in India.It gives citizens  the permission...CONTINUE READING
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We can renew ayushman bharat yojana health insurance card 

       Today I would like to inform you about how to renew ayushman bharat yojana health insurance card. Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a scheme of the government  of India. It was launched  by national health  policy.  It is an attempt  to move from a sectoral and segmented approach  of health service  delivery to a comprehensive  need...CONTINUE READING
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Leading YouTube bloggers e bull jet  in police custody

        Today I  would like to inform you about the e bull jet that was taken into police custody. They are the ones who have travelled around the country mortgaging the foundation of their home. Their hometown is Kannur. They  are well known to the Malayali audience.They travelled around the country mortgaging their homes.They are...CONTINUE READING