Driver job Vacancies in Dubai: Dubai Careers

Driver vacancies in Dubai

 There are many career vacancy in Dubai. The driver vacancies found in various industries and sectors.which includes

LAST UPDATED DATE – 14.11.2023

Delivery services:Driving vacancy is available to deliver orders like food, package or grocery in various specialized companies

Public transportation: They need drivers for bus, tram and public transport vehicles

Transportation and logistic companies:They need drivers to deliver goods and transporting materials as well as operating delivery vehicles

 Job description

 Driver responsibilities include driving clients to their desired destination, maintaining the vehicle safe and clean as well as identifying the best route.

 For this role, it’s important to have driving license and clean driving record with no traffic violations.


  •  Pick up clients.
  •  Assist client for loading and unloading their luggage.
  •  Follow to traffic and weather reports.
  •  Ensure that the vehicle is clean and comfortable. 
  • Schedule car service appointment and report any issues.


  •  Driver’s license
  •  Driving record
  •  Proven experience as a driver 
  •  Minimum visuals acuity of 20/50
  •  Awareness about the GPS devices
  •  Capability to lift heavy package and luggage’s
  •  Knowledge of area roads
  •  Interpersonal communication abilities
  •  Excellent organizations and time management skills