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How to prevent fires from cooking gas

      Today I would like to inform you about cooking gas. We all are use cooking games in our houses. It is very essential for us. Without cooking gas we can’t live it. Because it is very important in our life.It is a flammable mixture of hydro carbon gases. It is a source of energy used...CONTINUE READING

How to make flower pots in our home

    Let’s  take a look at how to make a simple pot with very low cost. We can make as many pots as we want at home. We can make at home like the cement pots we buy at a high prices from the shops. There are two main requirements for this.                 Buy two plastic pots....CONTINUE READING

Covid helps from central government

        I would like to share with you the details of the benefits provided by Central Government. There are many benefits reached  to the common man at this point of crisis. In the time of this covid-19, the central government implemented a number of benefits. Various benefits, pensions and subsidies were first  remitted through Jan Dhan...CONTINUE READING

Ration card  distribution through Akshaya centres

          There will be many schemes of the central government /State Government. The latest news is  in front of you. Our state government has already begun its process . What we know at present, as far as the ration card is concerned .There was a news, from now onwards ration card applications will be accepted through...CONTINUE READING
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How to make  egg bread sandwich

        We make an egg sandwich that everyone likes . This is something we can prepare and eat quickly. Surely you will like it. Let’s see what are the ingredients.  Onion           – 1 ( cut it into long shaped)  Capsicum      – ½ ( cut it into long shaped )...CONTINUE READING
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Bird flu 

          It is the influenza virus that  Primarily infect birds, but can also infect humans. It most often infected by contact with the sick birds and passed from person to person.                An outbreak of bird flu has been reported in Kozhikode district,  prompting authorities to order culling of ducks and hens within 1 kilometre radius of...CONTINUE READING

Two wheelers without helmet ineligible for insurance

                        In our country one of the most preferred mode of commuting is riding on a two wheeler. The benefits offered by a two wheeler are many. The biggest one being the safety of the riders,  two wheelers travelling can be quite risky because the bad condition of roads making them accident. During monsoons, the roads...CONTINUE READING

Natural remedies for cracked heels 

          Cracked heels are  a common foot problem, which can cause discomfort or even pain. Heels can crack when the skin around the heel becomes dry and thick,  increase the pressure on the heel, the skin to split. It left untreated, these cracks become deeper and it will be painful. It can become infected and lead...CONTINUE READING

How to wake up early morning

              If  you are  tried waking up early,  is one of the difficult habit. Waking up early morning is one of the best way to be more productive. In order to wake up earlier,  you will have to go to bed earlier too. The change on sleep can affect your judgement, mood, ability to learn, health...CONTINUE READING

Important points for teenage girls 

                 Family is very important teenagers but the thing they can’t live. Wth the constant pressure of growing up and becoming someone,  it is easy to loss track of what is really.  1)Friendship                     Teenage friendships are  the sense of belongings, feelings of being valued. The friendship gives the sense of security and comfort. It gives the...CONTINUE READING