How to make  egg bread sandwich

        We make an egg sandwich that everyone likes . This is something we can prepare and eat quickly. Surely you will like it. Let’s see what are the ingredients.

 Onion           – 1 ( cut it into long shaped) 

Capsicum      – ½ ( cut it into long shaped ) Tomato          – 1 (remove seeds and cut it into long shape)

 Everything cut it into the same shape .

Egg                – 2 (cooked and remove the yellow portion and white portion cut it  into long shape )

Mayonnaise   – ½ cup.

pepper powder  – ½ teaspoon

Salt                     – 1 Pinch 

         We can prepare the filling for the egg sandwich for the first time. 

  • Take one capsicum, one onion any one  tomato cut it into long shaped . 
  • We can add any vegetables we like.  
  • After boiling 2 eggs cut the white part in lengthwise. 
  •  Add half cup of mayonnaise.
  • Add  half teaspoon of pepper powder and  a pinch of salt
  • Mix  it slightly.
  •  The vegetable filling is ready .

Egg        – 2

Milk        – ¼ cup 

Salt        – 1 pinch.

pepper powder   – ½ teaspoon

Bread        – 6 piece.

  •  Take another bowl.
  •  Add 2 eggs to it.
  • Add ¼ cup of milk .
  • Add one Pinch of salt and  half teaspoon of pepper powder .
  • Mix well with the hand whisk .
  • Dip the bread into  the mix and take a fry Pan.
  • Add butter  to it.
  • After the butter melt well.
  • Toast the bread in a medium flame.
  • Do  not put in a high flame, the colour of the bread  will change.

 Tomato sauce   – 2 tbsp 

  • Spread this tomato sauce into bread slightly .
  • Then we need to filll it according to how many filling we have.
  • Lightly cover with another piece of bread .
  • Press lightly with a spoon .
  • Our super tasty egg bread sandwich is ready.

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