A4 sheet business  – how to start, how to get profit from this business 


    We can make profit from a business.  Profit is a financial  gain from your business, made after subtracting all expenses. Do not spend too much time on small activities. Always track your time.Teach the staff sales skills and up-sell products. So you should make a new business  idea. It is the reason to invest , sales and profit. If you have a bad idea,you are more likely  to face competition. Many different aspects that contribute to the success of your start up.Heart of every business  is a product. Behind every product  ever sold was an idea. Some ideas are better .It is the reason to invest and it also creates sales and profit. 

    All business  products  and services started life as an idea. New inventive ideas separates entrepreneurs from the rest of the world. Always think about new ideas. You should always make changes in what consumers demand. Always depend on new technology. Everyone gets ideas from their experienced industry. You can develop  business  ideas. Observe all sessions.Read more books. Keep a regular journey. 

    Today we can see a new business  idea. We can start a business  with Rs 2 lakh and we will get profit above Rs 50 lakhs/ month .It is the A4 sheet paper manufacturing.  It is a profitable  business.  The price depends  on quality .We can sell these papers to schools, colleges, government  institutions, offices,xerox shops,etc.

    We can make A4 sheets with low investment.  We purchase A4 sheet rolls from the market. We need a paper cutting  machine for this business. Cut the paper rolls using this machine. We will get 100 kg papers per hour. Then pack and market it. 

       We can appoint  4 staff members . It needs good leadership.  We will get good profit  from this business.we should sell it with a good offer. So we will get good marketing. We need udyog aadhar and good service registration. We should invest Rs 2 lakhs for this business. We will get Rs 1,70,000 profit per day. We will get profit Rs 51 lakhs per month. 

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