How to make flower pots in our home

    Let’s  take a look at how to make a simple pot with very low cost. We can make as many pots as we want at home. We can make at home like the cement pots we buy at a high prices from the shops. There are two main requirements for this. 

               Buy two plastic pots. Buy a small pot with a large pot of plastic. This is especially important at a time when everyone is decorating their homes with flowers. It costs around Rs 70 to buy a plant pot  from a shop. With this we can make as many pots as we want. 


Large  plastic pot – 1
Small plastic pot  – 1
Pen cages    – 2
Emsand   – 3 pan
Cement    – 1pan
                 Small design pots  would be nice. There should be a small gap when the small Pot is lowered to the larger one. Cut and place the pen give. This is to put a hole in the plant pot.

Here is how to make it 3 pots .Take some cement and sand. Emsand for concrete is required. The ratio of cement to sand is 3 : 1. Mix it well. 

            We take the oil that comes after fry  the fish/ we can use the remaining oil from the vehicles. Spread the oil well inside the big plastic  pot. Spread this oil well on the inside of all three large pots. Fill the emsand well in all three small pots. This is done to gain weight. Spread the oil on the outside of the small plastic pots. 

           Pour some water over the cement and emsand we had mixed. Mix as you would for Concrete. Put some of the mixture into that large plastic pot. Place the part of the pen into the centre of the cemented plastic pot. Fill the cement to the height of that pen. After pouring the cement if it is well beaten all the holes in it will be closed. 

             Place the pen like this in all three large plastic pots and then filled with cement. Then we put a small plastic bottle filled with sand in the centre of it. Then fill the entire  side with cement and emsand mixture. Do the same in all three pots. You can put some cement on top of it and finish it off. Then wipe its side clean with a cloth. Then one day we can wait. 

             It  well set and now we can remove each one. We can tap it  lightly with a hammer. Rotate one and then we can simply pull it out. Then fold the pot. Tap lightly with a hammer. Let’s take that bowl as it is. We get a nice plant pot. We can pull out the pen we put in the pots with the wire. We will get a hole in the pot. 

          The pot should be well watered for at least three days. Use only after that. A Small coating of white cement can be applied to the outside of the pot. once the white cement is dry we can apply the paint.It is very simple to make. Please try this and share this information to others.

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