Epoxy 3D flooring – Benefits


    Epoxy is a very safe coating for hard floors. Epoxy is slip resistant, less abrasive and shock resistant material. It is water resistant and protects the floor from spills. Epoxy flooring is a creative way to coat floors and make a safe, durable workspace. Most people select epoxy flooring. There are many benefits to installing epoxy flooring. We can easily clean it. We can sweep up debris effortlessly and quickly and wipe it down with a cloth to get rid of the spill. We can clean oil and automotive fluids quickly and completely from epoxy floors.

     It is an extremely  durable material. It will protect floors from all types of impacts. It is a very safe coating. It can withstand heat of upto 200 degrees.it is the better choice than most other types of flooring.  It has fire resistance. It is a very safe coating for hard floors. Epoxy floors are virtually seamless and create a  smooth look. It provides a glossy finish and  it makes a professional and clean appearance. Epoxy available in a wide range of colours. You can use solid grey to get a uniform look.

      Epoxy flooring is difficult to install. It makes a messy ,time consuming complicated DIY project.It installation requires a lot of preparation  work. It is cheaper than tiled flooring, it depends on qualities and finishes of material. epoxy flooring can last up to 10 years. It is very strong and resistant to wear and tear. It is an ideal choice for commercial  and industrial spaces.



       Epoxy concrete provides reliability and durability.Epoxy is the combination of hardener and resins.After mixed together, these substances cause chemical reaction. It results in the formation of rigid plastic material. It bonds well with base layers and creates durable floor space. professionals apply epoxy as a liquid to concrete floors.This liquid hardens to form a smooth floor. It creates a strong epoxy finish concrete surface.

     It is resistant to sudden impact and it will not cause any damage to floor surfaces. It  reduces damage to machinery. You can select the epoxy coating for the floors of Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, industrial plants and warehouse facilities.It creates gleaming and highly attractive floor space.

       You can use different colours and designs on certain sections of the floors. It resists sudden impact ,slippage, high temperature and fire. It boosts brightness by up to 300 percent.it is quiet and easily installed. The manufacturing process is minimal. The materials are free from harmful  substances. It is a long lasting  material. It can be expensive. But its durability makes it extremely cost effective. 

    It resists large numbers of chemicals. You can make decorations in the floors using epoxy.It is very easy to maintain. It protects underlying concrete from moisture, stains, cracks and grease.The longevity will vary based on thickness,use and maintenance. 

       Epoxy 3D floors have no cracks, pores, joints,seams and gaps.It is immune to dust,dirt, water and chemicals. It doesn’t accumulate dust.3D epoxy floor involves laying down a layer of self leveling primer followed by the desired image.Then it is treated with transparent epoxy. A level of protective varnish. It is commonly used in halls,offices, malls and apartments. 

     It gives perception of depth.It provides stunning visual effect.you can choose the right 3D floor design, pattern and color with self leveling epoxy coatings. Epoxy does not burn. Epoxy made by mixing resins and hardeners in fixed proportions. If you want to make 3D epoxy flooring, the substrate is cleaned thoroughly. The base layer is completely dry. 3D murals were prepared with perfect fit and placing the image in the framework. 

             Then it is glued to the substrate carefully. Removing all the air bubbles. Next day epoxy application work is carried out using rollers and spatula. The thickness is between 2 to 5 mm. It takes 24 hours for the initial curing period to rock hard. Next day polishing work will be carried out and to provide mirrors like 3D flooring.it has Rs 120 to 400 rates.It has higher brightness than others. 

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