A device to dim the light automatically at night


      Driving at night is very risky. Most people prefer to travel at night. The main reason is low traffic. When it comes to problems driving at night, there are many apart from traffic. Bad weather can become  a problem. If you want to drive at night,there are some common issues. Fatigue is a common  problem. When dusk arrives,our body naturally starts towards the rest mode.if you are driving at night after a busy day at work, it is impossible. Your body may not support you due to excessive  weakness. 

      So you should charge yourself before beginning your travel.get enough sleep before you drive.you should take a nap before going outside.poor visibility is another problem. It affects all drivers at night. There could be areas where you have to depend solely on your cars headlights.It is common to see people driving on high beam in areas with less light.it affects your visibility with glares.you should avoid looking directly at the headlight of the opposite vehicles.It helps to focus on your track and prevent your vision from getting  affected. 

      Looking at high beam lights makes it difficult for your eyes to adjust from bright to dim light.you should focus more on straight while driving. You should keep the headlights,windshields  and mirrors of your car.it will keep the light from scattering .Driving at high speed is another problem.If you are driving at high speed at night,it may cause accidents. Low visibility and shorter reaction time is the problem. It will not allow you the time to stop the vehicle  before the accident. 

     If you traveled at night,you should observe the type of the road.bad lighting is another problem at night.It is necessary for you to check your cars headlights, indicator lights,tail lights,etc.it is necessary for dark,rain,snow,hail .you should check the lights with low brightness inside your vehicle. It helps to obtain a better view of the way.

     Make sure that the interior lights are not too di  ,you can’t see the control inside your vehicle. Everyone who drives at night may experience the light of the vehicle coming the opposite direction. Most of the people will not dim the light for the convenience of the person coming opposite. The bright light coming from a vehicle which is traveling in the opposite direction may cause accidents. 

     We can see a device which automatically dim the light of a vehicle while a vehicle coming in the opposite side. A dimmer circuit is installed in the vehicle and connects a sensor to it.whenever the light from opposite side vehicle falling into the sensor, it leads to dim the light.if this sensor is installed in all the vehicles, there is no issue of the bright light.

      You can install this device in a vehicle, the connection from the circuit is connected to both headlights and power.The light automatically dim.when the light falls on the sensor, the sensor goes off and light comes back to bright stage.

       You can fit this device into your vehicle. When you turn on the light at night,it helps to dim the light of the opposite vehicle .It is a good idea.They fit this device into the bonat. Connect power to it.

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