How to reduce vertigo  with exercises


     Vertigo is the sudden spinning sensation triggered by moving your head too fast.  It is the feeling off balance sensation. Sometimes it is caused by inner ear problems, otherwise calcium particles are dislodged from normal  location  and collected in the inner ear.But it has no reason. Build up of fluid and changing pressure in the ear causes vertigo.Head or neck injury,stroke, tumor,some medications, migrain ,are the causes of vertigo. 

     Vertigo is the feeling that the world is spinning around  you. It is mainly a symptom  of a medical  condition.  It is not a disease. Mainly it is two types. Peripheral vertigo and central vertigo.  Peripheral vertigo  is a common type. It is caused by the problem  of the inner ear. The eyes move without your control . 

      Central vertigo  is caused  by injury or disease of the brain. It comes without  warning. It lasts a long time.degenerative changes in the brain, nerve problems, brain growth are the other causes of vertigo.  Heart attack, urinary infections, anaemia ,are the other causes. In this vertigo,  you can’t stand or walk without help. Stress doesn’t cause vertigo  directly. Ear is the balancing organ in our body.BPPV is the main common problem. Tick tick sound or whistling sound in the ear is another symptom. 

      The main symptoms  of vertigo  are tilting, spinning,unbalanced, feeling nausea, vasovagal reactions,vomiting,abnormal  eye movements, headache, sweating etc. 

      We can treat the Peripheral  vertigo  with 15 minute exercise. It is called epley Maneuver. You can control the balance in the inner ear. Its treatment  depends  on the cause. It can limit the person’s activities. We can control it through  natural  remedies. When feeling dizziness,  you should sit down immediately  to reduce the chance of fall.The employ Maneuver involves some steps . It is done before bed each night by an atheist 24 hours. 

      Sitting on the side of the bed ,turning head 45° to left.lying down quickly  and facing head up on the bed at 45°angle. Keep this position for 30 seconds. Turning head 90° to the right .Then turning to the right side , looking  downward 30 seconds. 

     Ginger tea reduces the effects of vertigo.Boil water with ginger root. Add honey and drink twice a day .You can eat almond to reduce the symptoms  of vertigo. Drink plenty  of water. You should take 12 cups of water per day. You should detect the causes and take adequate  treatment. You should increase the power of your eyes. 

     You can rotate the eye balls .It will increase the balancing. See the point finger without  changing the position. You can manage vertigo with acupressure techniques. Press the middle of the eyes for 2 the wrist joint pressure point 2 minutes and release. It helps to reduce vertigo.  

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