How to treat allergy within one day 


      An allergy is a common problem. It is a reaction by your immune system to a foreign substance. These substances  are not harmful to our body. But most people don’t  bother about this. Allergic  people are sensitive  to more than one thing. The allergens are certain pollen, dust,and foods. Our immune system keeps our body  healthy .It fights harmful pathogens.Depending on allergen it causes inflammation,sneezing, etc.several treatments can help to avoid your symptoms. 

    The symptoms  depend on the type and severity of allergy. Some people have food allergies.  The symptoms  of food allergies  are nausea,fatigue, swelling, etc.If you have a serious  reaction, see a medical  professional immediately. 

    People with allergies have sneezed in bursts of three sneezes. Seasonal allergies  are very common. Allergic  rhinitis is an allergic reaction  to allergens.The common symptoms are sneezing, runny nose,itchy nose,watery eyes,etc.if you have allergy ,you feel any one of these symptoms  after contact with any allergen. 

      Anything that irritates your nose can make you sneeze, The allergic particles are dust,pollen, animal dander,etc.Doctors treat allergies with different  medications. Today we can see natural  remedies for allergies. 

    Avoid exposure to allergic situations. You can drink herbal teas.These teas have anti inflammatory effects.It reduces allergy  symptoms. Using nasal spray to help flush out pollen articles in the hair inside your nose.Take 1 spoon honey daily can help to reduce allergy symptoms. Keep your windows  closed during allergy  season.

Change the dirty  clothes  and leave shoes outside the door. 

      We can completely  cure allergies  in one day. This treatment  is in Parambarya Chiklilsa  Kendra ,payyampally, kollam. This remedy needs 1 lemon,pepper. They mix lemon and pepper and give it to us. Apply medicine to the head and apply drops to the nose. After 1 hour we can take a bath and return home. The fees for treatment  is Rs 1000. They were instructed to avoid crab. They give Ayurveda medicine. We can completely  cure allergies from this treatment.  

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