How to maintain  our kidney  be healthy 

       Kidney Disease is a major problem that affects almost all people. The problem is that we mainly do not recognise kidney related diseases at the beginning. Therefore it is essential to have a clear knowledge about them.

     Kidney is an important organ in our body. It  removes waste and extra water from the blood and helps to keep chemicals balanced in our body. It also makes hormones that help control our blood pressure and stimulate bone marrow to make RBC.

      Kidneys are Bean shaped organs. It is located just below the Rib cage. Most of the people have kidney diseases, most of them don’t know about it. Kidney Disease tends not to experience symptoms  until its last stage. If you are at risk for kidney disease due to high BP or Diabetes it’s important to get your kidney tested annually.

        If you have a kidney problem, you are more tired. Because decrease in kidney function can lead to build up of toxins in your blood. It may cause tiredness, anaemia,etc.

       Disturbance of sleep is another symptom of Kidney Disease. Healthy Kidneys do many important jobs.They remove waste from our body ,to help keep bones strong  and maintain the right amount of minerals in our blood. If you have a Kidney Disease, dry and itchy skin is another symptom.

       You should urinate at night more often. Blood cells can start to leak out into the urine. Excessive Bubbles in the urine, proteins seen  in the urine is the early sign of kidney damage. Puffiness around the eyes ,swollen ankles and feets, loss of appetite, muscle cramps are the other symptoms.

           Kidney controls acid  base balance ,water balance ,electrolyte balance, control your blood pressure, producing erythropoietin and activating Vitamin D. When your Kidneys are failing, increasing the concentration and accumulation of substances in urine leads to brown/ red colour urine.Our creatinine and uric acid levels are changed.

         Regular exercise is good for kidney health. Diabetes and high BP are the most common risk factors for Kidney Disease. Control your blood pressure and sugar . Maintain a balanced diet. Drink plenty of fluids .Avoid smoking and alcohol.

        Today we can see a natural remedy for kidney health.They need 1600 to 1800 kcl. 1.5 liters is necessary for a normal person but kidney patients  decrease the intake of fluids. They should take 600 ml + urine output. Increasing intake of fluid leads to swelling, dyspnoea, and heart failure. 

       A normal person needs 1g protein/kg body  wt  .A kidney patient needs 0.8 g/ kg body wt . A normal person needs 50 g fat. A kidney patient  needs 25 g fat. Maintain sodium and potassium.  Do not eat increased potassium  containing foods. High potassium foods that can be used after leaching. 

Do not use coconut,fast foods,etc.

        Avoid salt-containing foods. Kidney patients need 5 g salt/day. Avoid potassium  containing  foods like grapes,orange mosambi,sapporta, etc. They can take apples , pineapples, guava, watermelon,  strawberry,etc.

      Take calcium supplements. Avoid phosphorus  containing foods.  

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