How to detect Migraine  and natural  remedy to treat migraine 


        Migraine is a type of headache of varying intensity. It occurs with nausea,vomiting, sensitivity to light and sounding .It is usually on one side of the head.It lasts for hours to days. Some people have warning  signs such as aura. It occurs before or with a headache. An aura includes visual disturbance, tingling on one side of face,difficulty  speaking. 

        It affects people of all ages. It can progress through  four stages. Prodrome,aura,attack and post drome. Program stage lasts for one or two days before migra.The symptoms of program stage are constipation, mood changes,food cravings,stiffness of the neck,Retention  of fluid yawning,etc.

        Aura occurs before or during migraine.The symptoms  of aura lasts up to 60 minutes.The main symptoms  of aura are visual  disturbance  such as seeing different  shapes, vision loss,needle sensation  in arm or leg,weakness in the face,difficulty  in speaking, etc.

        Attack is the third stage of migraine. If untreated, it lasts from 4 to 72 hours. The main symptoms  of the attack stage are pain on one side of the head,sensitivity  to light and sound,nausea, vomiting. Last stage is post drome .After a migraine  attack, you feel confusion,drain,etc.

       If you have a migraine, you should consult a doctor. Headache with fever,stiff neck,seizure numbness in the body , headache after head injury, you should consult a doctor. 

        Mainly headaches are two types. Primary and secondary  headaches. Primary headache is caused  by different  medical  conditions. Secondary headache is the symptom of another health issue. Up to 80 % of people have first degree relatives with disease. Migraine headaches mainly seen in women. Stress can also be a cause  of the migraine. Delaying means can cause migraine. Having too much caffeine  ,withdrawal from caffeine can cause headaches. Use of pain relieving medication  can cause headaches. Hormonal changes in women can cause migraines. 

         Changing the weather conditions, tiredness,dieting,changes in the normal sleep pattern, loud noise ,exposure to smoke,perfumes, meditation  can cause migraines. 

         The natural remedies of migraine  are to avoid some foods with nitrates. Avoid chocolates.Avoid cheese, alcohol,cold foods,processed foods,pickles, dried fruits,dairy products, etc.Inhaling lavender oil reduces migraine pain.we can ginger to reduce  migraine  pain. Ginger has anti inflammatory, anti viral,anti fungal ,antibacterial  properties. 

       We can use coconut water to reduce migraine. coconut water  is an energy drink. It is used to increase beauty. It reduces acne. It has clear skin. It reduces  kidney stones. It contains  thiamine, magnesium, riboflavin,and niacin. It reduces infections  and inflammation. Do not add extra sugar to it. It includes nutrients and oxidants. Mix coconut  water and rose water and apply to the skin. Mix sandal, turmeric in the coconut water and apply to the face. It reduces hair loss. Massaging the hair with coconut  water increases blood supply in the hair. It increases hair growth. Mix apple cider vinegar in the coconut  water and apply to the hair. 

      Take 2 tsp yogurt ,½ tsp turmeric mix into 3 tsp coconut  water and mix well. Apply to the skin. It reduces  skin problems. We can use coconut  water to increase the flowering of plants. It contains  magnesium. So it reduces migraine.  

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