How to get  relief from back pain  and knee pain easily 


       Every part of our body has several  functions. When you are falling  due to an injury, it is hard to function .Knee helps the leg to move ,flex.Knees and back depend on each other to maintain the Balance of our body. Back pain and knee pain are common problems. Back pain  is a physical discomfort  occurring  on the back from mild pain .It can result  from any injuries, activities,and medical  conditions. 

       It can affect people of any age .Osteoporosis  can lead to back pain. Back pain  is commonly occurring from tension,  strain or injuries. Strain muscles  , damaged disks,fractures,falls are causes back pain. Lifting objects improperly, heavy objects, can cause  back pain. If the disk rupture will give more pressure on nerves and cause back pain. Bulging disk , kidney stones  can cause back pain.Back pain also results from poor posture  like twisting,bending  long periods, over stretching ,standing  long period, long driving, sleeping on a mattress without supporting the body can increase back pain. Sedentary lifestyle , occupation, pregnancy, poor physical  fitness,age, obesity, medical  conditions  cause  back pain. 

         We can diagnose the back pain with x ray,MRI, CT scan, EMG,etc.The muscles around your knees powered by nerves .Any compression  of nerves can cause knee pain. It is the warm,sharp pain in the knees. It will almost affect one leg at a time. If you have back pain and a shooting  sensation  from your lower back and running  down to your lower leg , it is the cause of sciatic nerve disease. Back pain can cause diabetes, blood pressure, stress, and thyroid.  You should keep good posture. Maintain  healthy  weight. Avoid smoking.Try to maintain  your usual level  of daily activities. 

          There are several ways to treat back pain at home. We can use pain ointments  and rubs to help to get relief  from pain.Gently massaging is the most effective  way to relieve  pain. You should  exercise  daily. It helps to restore  muscles  and protect  you from pain. Stretching  loose your muscles  .We can see some natural remedies  to treat back pain  and knee pain. We can use panikoorka. Panikoorka  is used to treat  cough.It contains  Vitamins,  potassium   phosphorus, etc. It is a natural   leaf. It has a good smell . We can use it to treat colds.We can use it to treat skin infections. It has a lot of medicinal properties. It reduces weight.

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