Heel pain – causes,symptoms, prevention, natural remedies 

          Heel pain is a common problem. Heel pain is the physical discomfort on the underside of the heel. It may make walking uncomfortable. It can have causes that are not due to underlying diseases. It  includes poor fitting shoes, high heeled shoes, prolonged  period on feet ,overuse as long Walk, sprain, strain or trauma. Sometimes it can affect the side of the heel. Pain occurs under the heel is plantar fasciitis. 

         Pain can affect the inner or outer side of the heel. Heel pain is not caused by an injury. It can become mild, severe and sometimes disabling. Sometimes it disappears without treatment. The main causes of heel pain is infection,Arthritis, autoimmune problem, trauma or neurological problem. Heel pain is caused by repetitive stress and pounding of the heel. Plantar fasciitis is an information of plantar fascia. In this condition its soft tissue fibres become inflamed. Heel bursitis is the inflammation can occur at the back of the heel. Pain maybe occur deep inside the Heel. Heel bump is common in teenagers. It is caused by having a flat foot. It can be caused by starting to wear high heel before the bone is fully mature.

      Tarsal tunnel syndrome is the compression of large nerve in the back of the foot. Sometimes chronic inflammation of the Heel pad occurs. Common cause of heel pain in child and teenage athletes is sever’s disease. It is caused by over use of micro trauma of the growth plate of heel bone.The other causes are calcaneal cyst,systemic arthritis, bone bruise,problem with circulation, bone cyst,gout ,neuroma,osteomyelitis, etc.

         It may result from an injury, the infection may get into bone tissue from the bloodstream.it may lead to pain,numbness in the hands and feets.It can result from traumatic injuries, metabolic disorders,exposure to toxins,etc.Lateral foot pain affects the outside of the heel.It may result from stress fracture,sprain,cuboid syndrome, corns,etc.most of the people recover with treatments within months.NSAID,Physical therapy, athletic  taping,orthotics,extra corporeal shock are used to treat heel pain.

       If nothing else works,surgeon may detach plantar fascia from the heel bone.night splint may be fitted to the calf and foot.you can buy it online.Home care can help get rid of heel pain that is not severe.it includes rest.Avoid running /standing for long periods,walking on hard surface may stress the heels.place an ice pack wrapped in cloth on affected area for 25 minutes reduces heel pain.

      You should use shoes that fit well and provide good support. You can use wedges and heel cups to reduce heel pain.wearing shoes when on hard ground. Maintain healthy body weight  to reduce stress on the heels.choosing footwe0ar with heels.ensure shoes fit properly. Do not worn down heels.Avoid shoes that trigger pain.warm up properly. Wear suitable sport shoes for each task.

         If you have severe pain with swelling, pain, numbness,tingling in the heel,fever,difficulty to walk,to see a doctor. The risk factors are age between 40 to 60 years, activities that place stress on your heel,flat feet,high arch walking can affect the foot.obesity can cause heel pain.factory workers,teachers,others who spend most of work hours standing or walking can be at high risk.

       Ignoring heel pain can lead to foot,knee,hip and back problems.Heel pain can make it difficult to walk in daily activities. You can feel heel pain behind the heel,beneath the heel or within the heel bone.heel pain symptoms vary depending on the cause.They are bony growth on the heel, discoloration, stiffness, tenderness  and swelling. You should  stretch regularly and wear properly fitted 

       Heel pains are two types , one is the pain during  early morning  and other one is the heel pain after prolonged standing. The common causes are obesity,diabetes, thyroid disease,and lifestyle problems.plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects heel bone to the toes.The common cause of plantar fasciitis is the repetitive strain injury to the ligament of the sole of the foot.

         It can occur from prolonged walking or running, inadequate foot gear.you can get rid of plantar fasciitis easily. Maintain  healthy weight, choose supportive shoes.massage your feet.try dry cupping ,use sock splints at night.strengthen your feet with wash clothes.it mostly occurs in early morning. It is commonly  seen in women and children. It may cause a calcaneal spur.achilles tendinitis is another problem. It is the inflammation of tendons.

         You can use soft shoes.Place a silicon gel into the shoes. It adjusts the arch of your shoes.Avoid fancy shoes. Avoid heel shoes. You can relieve it with exercises. Relax the fascia before early morning.Stretch your feel 15 seconds  well. Then relax. Press an ice bottle with your feet and scroll 10 minutes. Dip your feet 15 minutes in hot water and cold water. It helps to reduce the inflammation. 

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