Benefits of drinking 1 glass of buttermilk ( more, sambharam) after a meal 


            Buttermilk is an important  source of protein,vitamins and minerals. These proteins help to build healthy  muscles, skin and bones.It is a fermented dairy product. It is the liquid left over after all milk  has been turned into butter. It offers several health benefits such as  improved blood pressure, bones  and oral health.

        It may be easier to digest than other dairy  products. Butter milk contains lactic acid. It supports  strong bones because it contains calcium ,phosphorus, vitamin  D. It prevents degenerative bone diseases like  osteoporosis.

       Buttermilk has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin cells  that line your mouth. It is helpful for people who have oral inflammation as a result of chemotherapy. It helps to lower your cholesterol level.

       It resists the changes in pH value on the addition of a small amount of an acid. So consume it in the morning with breakfast or after lunch. It contains probiotics so it helps for good digestion. Drink a glass of buttermilk everyday after meals if you are prone to frequent  acid attacks . You can drink a plain buttermilk with a pinch of salt for quick relief from acidity.And also it helps to get relief from heartburn.

      It also helps to lose weight. It contains a whole host of vitamins and minerals without adding to our cal intake. It also acts as an excel and a natural bleaching and cleaning agent. We can apply it directly on the scalp. Don’t use buttermilk  in hot rice.  Because it causes ketone bodies. Ketone bodies are risky to our body.  

        Drink plenty  of water.  It helps to purify blood, reduce excess salt, excess sugar, and toxic materials from our body. Maintain good health. Take adequate  exercise. 

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