How to get rid of lizards 

               Keeping your home hygienic and avoid getting startled by pest every corner of the house. Opening cupboards only to find a unpleasant sight  of lizards. Most lizards are harmless. Average household lizards are best visually repelling and give you a unsettling feel. 

                     Some lizards are venomous and  quite aggressive. There are many peoples who have a phobia of lizards. Avoid  the shortcut solutions you can use the remedies whenever you find a lizard in your home. There are simple  home remedies to get rid of lizards. 

  • Balls made of coffee and tobacco mix placed   in every corner of house. 
  • Place nephthalene balls around in every cupboard and corner. Lizards are irritable and stay away because of pungent smell of this balls.
  • Stir  some pepper powder in water and spray it around the house. 
  • Splash cold water on the lizard which hinders  the mobility of lizard.
  • Egg shells have pungent smell that makes lizard nauseated. 
  • Cut out some onion slices and keep them around the houses.
  •  Placing garlic cloves around the house will help prevent lizards.
  • Keep cats at your home. 
  • keep your home clean 
  • Close windows and doors. 
  • seal off holes.
  •  Turn off lights when you are not in room.
  •  Clean cabinets under the sink.

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