Brilliant Uses of sellotape

                Sellotape is a a long established brand,  perfect for a wide range of applications. It is used for sealing,  joining, attaching, mending things. It was originally manufactured in 1937 by Colin Kinnin Month  and George Grey in West London. It is made from wood pulp that comes from suppliers with extensive  re forestration. Sellotape is the largest manufactures of sticky tape in UK. There was a whole world of household uses for this marvellous sticky stuff.

  Brilliant uses 

  • It is used to remove pet hair from clothes.
  • Lift fallen stains from clothes, furnishings.
  • To  quickly clean up broken bits of glass.
  • To clean keyboard. 
  • Cut your tape down to size and stick it over the keyboard.
  • To create a little flags around quotes to keep them organised the plugs.
  • Seal envelops safely with the help of sellotape.
  • It  act a cheap yet  efficient laminator stick a slice of tape over seed levels etc.
  • Grab your trusty roll of sellotape and cut it down to size before double wrapping it around the end to keep it from fraying any further.
  • Use a small slice of tape and apply it  to the side of your face and angle it where you want to trace an eyeliner pen. Draw along the line,  wait for the eye liner to dry and lift off gently.
  • Draw your own nail art.
  • Remove excess eye makeup and glitter.

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