Important points for teenage girls 

                 Family is very important teenagers but the thing they can’t live. Wth the constant pressure of growing up and becoming someone,  it is easy to loss track of what is really. 


                   Teenage friendships are  the sense of belongings, feelings of being valued. The friendship gives the sense of security and comfort. It gives the information about the changes physically and emotionally.It  can be a great support. Learning positive friendship skills can help socially, feel happier and more confident, Avoid pear relationships. It is especially important that you distances yourself from mean girls and toxic friends. The friendship motivated lifetime.  Maintain good relationship with parents. Avoid personal chatting and maintain the group chatting. Friendship influence our life. We respect and keep ourselves. You respect yourself, others respect you,.

2) Love 

                 Don’t try to plan your entire life out,  friends will come and go. Avoid friendship with strangers.

3)Body changes

                 If you having any doubt about your body changes, discuss with your parents. In this time the teenagers move through a series of significant,  natural and healthy changes, physical, psychological and emotional changes.

4)Diary writing 

             You will recognise new things everyday so keep writing diary, stories. It  helps to stop overthinking, encourageous mindfulness, self reflection, simulates creativity. You should write your aspirations,  hopes, you have for the future. Rant about your bad day. A dream plan you want to make a reality details about the person you have been crushing on.


             Building your confidence and self esteem understand anger could be masking other emotions,  respect your differing perspectives. Be a role model. We become more skilled in understanding emotions. Everyone can be more aware of their emotions. It is the first step to building emotional intelligence, a skill  that can help people succeed in life. Be honest with your emotions. 

6)Beauty maintaining

              Get the right acne products. Don’t share makeup. Consider keeping your makeup simple. Beauty lies in your natural asset. Beauty is confidence,  believing in yourself. 


            Life is about choices and the decisions your teenage make today can affect your life  in years to come. Make sure you have maintaining good relationships. you respect your parents and keeping the lines of communication with parents is essential. Avoid doubtful decisions. 

8)Social media 

                Social media is the vital aspects of teenagers social and creative lives. It can damage your mental health under certain circumstances. You have to prepare for how to respond the risk in social media. Frequent use of social media harmed your health by leading inadequate sleep, physical activity. It lead to increase the feelings of depression,  anxiety and loneliness. handle care fully your social media usages. keep your life productive.

9) Food

            when teenagers eat a range of healthy food. Teens should always eat breakfast, limit  junk food, soft drinks. It is important to eat a well balanced meals. Iron deficiency anaemia,  which is common in teenage girls. 

10)Learn to say No

           To respond firmly to strangers and stay safe. The teenager can be a constant battle. when a child learns that they can say no to situation that is more important.

11) Judgemental 

           When you are teen,  does want to talk be fully present,  fully positive, offer no solutions, avoid distraction and devices, criticism,  judgement.Just patient, attention and acceptance. 


            Education results in in promoting self respect and raising status of women. She can fight against social evils. Education not only provide knowledge,  it gives power and awareness over their own lives which benefits lifelong. Now study well.

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