How to wake up early morning

              If  you are  tried waking up early,  is one of the difficult habit. Waking up early morning is one of the best way to be more productive. In order to wake up earlier,  you will have to go to bed earlier too. The change on sleep can affect your judgement, mood, ability to learn, health problems.It helps to establishing  strong habits and building a morning routine.

                some tips and tricks to wake up early morning. Benjamin Franklin says:” early to bed and early to rise, makes a man wise, healthy and wealthy”. In our life need to do extraordinary.

1) set the alarm 

                   Setting your  alarm, earlier does not always mean you will rise earlier. If you find yourself constantly hitting snooze. your regular wake up time, your body probably needs time to adjust. You will take a longer time to reach your goal. Taking few month to build the habit. Have two alarm set up first one is to wake you up,  second one is your cue to get out of bed. First one is within arm’s reach, second one is away from your bed. 

2)Motivate yourself by chasing small wins 

                 Waking up 2 hours earlier, try half an hour earlier,  when you reach the goal, you will have generated a small win.Getting out of bed is easier,  if you have something that you are looking forward, something that gives you Joy and excites you. 

3)Arrange a meeting with the early Risers

               It creates accountability,  when we have something important to do at a time,  our bodies will wake up naturally. 

4)You engineering, your environment

             Put your alarm, across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. Set your coffee on a timer, it is ready when you wake up. 

5)You probably read  a few articles on sleep and early rising. 

6)Don’t use electronic late at night. 

7)Eliminate blue light.

 8)Don’t eat late  dinner. 

9)You have a morning routine 

10)Drink a glass of water. 

11)Meditate even just for 3mts just sitting, practicing mindful focus.

12) Write anything. 

13)Exercise just  to 10 minutes.

14) Enjoy a  cup of tea.

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