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Archives / May 2022

How to save from low income and start investing 

      Investment is an asset to attain an increase in value over a period of time.It requires some present asset such as effort,money and time.The main purpose of investment is to generate return from an investment asset.The return may consist of profit or loss realized from sale of a property or investment. The return includes...CONTINUE READING

How to make 250 watts inverter for Rs 2500

    Inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current to alternating current. Input voltage, frequency, output voltage, depending on the design of the device. It doesn’t produce any power.power produced by DC source.It can be electronic or combination of mechanical effects. Power inverters are used in electrical power applications where high voltages are needed. Inverters...CONTINUE READING

How to repair mobile phone using ifixit application 

     Mobile phones are portable telephone ,that helps to make and receive  calls. Modern mobile phone services use cellular network. So it is called cellular telephones.Digital mobile phone provides a variety of services such as MMS, text messages, email, internet access,bluetooth video games,etc. mobile phones which offer advanced computing capabilities called smart phones. Smartphones has different ...CONTINUE READING

Advantages of Ceramic roof tiles

Roof tiles are normally used to maintain roofs. .concrete,metal and plastic are used for roof tiles.clay tiles have waterproof glaze.These tiles are hung from framework of roof by fixing with nails.it is usually hung in parallel rows,each row is overlapping the row .It cover nails that hold row below.Roof tiles are used to provide protective...CONTINUE READING

BLDC fans are available at low prices

  Ceiling fans are a major home appliance in our country. Everyone wants to install BLDC fans in their homes. Because it provides calm,cool,fresh air during summer seasons.And also these fans come with remote control .BLDC fans contain BLDC motor.BLDC means Brushless Direct Current Motor.it works on direct current electricity. It uses permanent magnets.These magnets...CONTINUE READING

Branded Sanitary wares, bathroom fittings at wholesale price

         Sanitarywares are ceramic plumbing fixtures. Sanitary ware products include faucets,tiles, shower products, kitchen sinks ,etc.everyone wants to buy top quality sanitary ware closet,basins.And prefer variety designed and functionality. Important Bathroom fittings are toilet seat,roll holder,shower curtains soap dispenser,basin,etc.Bathroom fittings are the things that are fitted in to the main part of room.These are permanent...CONTINUE READING

Wedding silk sarees,designed sarees at Rs 180

       Sarees are the most popular Indian ensembles. It is worn by Indian women everywhere.in India,most vital occasions of life are incomplete without a saree.smooth, luxurious fabric of silks are very special. All saree types are most glorious and loved among all peoples.silk is most loved fabric.silk sarees are worn on weddings.            Silk has...CONTINUE READING

How to download birth certificate online

Birth certificate is an important document of a person. It can refer to either the original document certifying the birth or represent ensuing registration of birth.It is a Permanent and official record of a child.The child who is not registered at birth,they didn’t have an identity, recognized name and nationality.It helps to get school admission,...CONTINUE READING

How to know someone is thinking about you – signs 

        When you have thought about a person, there are real psychic signs .Psychic signs are real,each one of us has now and then.when you thought about calling a friend, only for them to call you.it is exactly a wonderful thing. Some signs are subtle for you to notice ,they appear more than you think.They...CONTINUE READING