How to download  masked aadhar card



           Adhar card is a 12 digit unique identity number  that can be obtained by citizens of India .It gives residents foreign nationals who have spent over 182 days in 12 months. The data collected by UIDAI ,established in January 2009.Aadhar is a biometric ID is used as a proof of Residence,identity, proof of age.It can be used for all government related services. Adhar number is  a unique number issue to every citizen. 


      It stores an individual’s details in a database.our government provides different uses of aadhar card through public awareness. Adhar card permits the holder to avail of all government subsidies. The government introduced schemes whereby the aadhar can be linked to bank accounts and LPG connections. It can be used anywhere in our country. We can apply online. You can take the digital version of aadhar card as an e adhar .You can download aadhar card onto any device. 


      An adhar card is an essential document footprint KYC,verification, identification. Individuals who wish to take a passport  can apply online by attaching aadhar card .If you want to open a bank account, an adhar card is necessary. An Adhar card can be used to establish the identity of a resident .


       According to UIDAI,no one can harm any individual. An Adhar card is like a passport,PAN card,voter ID,driving licence,etc.if you have given your aadhar number anywhere, they would not be able to fraud you . Because you will get an OTO on your registered mobile number. According to UIDAI, by getting details of aadhar card,no one can harm others.Aadhar card is required to be authenticated by OTP verification, biometric scanning, and QR it is impossible to misuse .if someone found misusing the aadhar card,stringent penalties ,imprisonment of less 1 year .

     UIDAI offers a special  adhar version called masked adhar card.Masked adhar card helps to mask aadhar number in download e adhar.It implies  replacing of first eight digits of Adhar numbers with some characters like xxxx-xxxx,only 4 digits are visible. It helps to prevent adhar from being misused .It adds an extra layer of security by showing only the last four digits of aadhar card number. 


       Early UIDAI warned the citizens not to share adhar numbers with outside organizations. If a private organization wants a copy of your aadhar card,you can provide a masked aadhar to him.Downloading a masked adhar card is a simple procedure.


How to download masked aadhar card


  • visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • Select log in option.
  • Enter aadhar number 
  • Enter catchall code
  • Select send OTP option.
  • Enter OTP number 
  • Select login option.
  • Then select download adhar from services option. 
  • Select review your demographics data and click download option.
  • Select the option do you want a masked aadhar.
  • You can download a masked aadhar card.
  • select download option from three dots of Google Chrome .
  • You can see aadhar details. 
  • Select PDF and open the aadhar. 
  • Enter password. 
  • Password is the first four letters of your name in capital and year of birth.
  • You can see your masked aadhar card.
  • Download the print and you can use it.


You can verify your aadhar number. You can scan QR code on e adhar.Do not use a public computer from internet  Cafe to download  aadhar card.if you download, please ensure that you delete all downloaded copies of aadhar permanently. Some organizations that have user licences from UIDAI can use aadhaar for establishing identity. Unlicensed private hotels or film halls are not permitted to collect copies of adhar cards.


You can use a masked aadhar card for ekyc in situations, everywhere providing aadhaar number is not required. It is the best option to hide the first eight digits of aadhar number while keeping the last four digits visible. 


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