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Curtains are a reflection of your style and taste.curtains protect our home from overexposure to sunlight and ensure privacy for your rooms.curtains are a piece of cloth intended to block light,air,or water. It is a movable screen .Curtains are hung on the inside of windows to block the passage of light.curtains are in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colors and patterns. Curtains are manufactured from a variety of fabrics. Some curtains may employ a pulley system.There are 20 different styles of curtains which can be used in window treatment. Curtains prevent dust from getting into your room.


curtain are highly durable. It is come at a wide variety of prices.Depending on the quality of curtains and maintaining they could last for years.Beds are curtained all sides and covered with tester.curtains are wonderful elements at home,generally enhances ambient and style of living environment ,it also protects from sunlight, filter from air borne particles. Curtains are essential things a household should have due to its multipurpose characteristics.curtain can change the size of room,adjust the incoming light.Hang curtains are high and wide. Avoid horizontal stripes.curtains have the ability to establish a particular mood.For privacy, you need living room curtains that cover the windows.


Curtains are adornment in our homes.window are crucial for indoor space to help circulate air.window curtains protect your private life.curtains also be used to create a segregated room curtains are flexible. It controls the amount of sunlight entering your room.It gives a warm and comfortable feel. Curtains are essential to set the desired tone .Curtains are available in various sizes and designs. It allows you to prevent dust from coming into your room.curtains are easy to clean.


We can see a place where we get various curtains at low cost.It is in decomax interior, Azhinjilam, calicut. There is the important interior of a house.There are different types of curtains available in our market. They are roller curtains, vebra curtains, glinds,motor curtains, etc.quality curtains are started from Rs 100.


We will get these products at free delivery. They will fix these products freely. Curtains are in different categories. Normal zebra plains curtains are available has fabric thickness and net has Rs 100/square feet. It includes fitting, free service.

You should check the materials before buying.roller curtains are available at different prices.semi black out materials are available. 6 colors are available in normal roller curtains. In black out, 10 colors are available. Black out materials are not passed out the lights.we can use blackout curtains in bed rooms.embroidery type curtains are here. Printed embroideries,stitching embroideries are available has Rs 220.


Roman curtains are available. Roman materials are normal or blackout can select the curtains as you wish. Different types of Roman curtains are available. 7 colours of Roman curtains are Roman material is used for Roman curtains. We can use it in offices,dining rooms,etc. It has Rs 230.


Roller curtains are available is like plane sheets. 3D materials are available here.cloth, plastic materials are is water free material. We can use it in bathrooms for partitions.we can buy it with pelmet or without pelmet. Curtain with a pelmet has Rs 150. Curtain without a pelmet has Rs 140.


Triple shade curtains are available has 3 has Rs 220.A single window is 9 square feet. You should buy a minimum 10 square feet.Quality material curtains are available here.wooden planes have Rs has 35 mm.50mm wooden finished curtains are available.


Vanish planes are available. It is mostly used in the should check the quality of curtains. Compare the quality of materials.cloth curtains can be washed and iron.All brand curtains are available can see different patterns of catalogues. You can select from it. They provide interior decoration also.


They produce the many materials are available here for housewarming.quality ceramic flower pots are available starts fromRs 100.comforts, bedsheets, door mats are available starts from Rs serving trolley is available. Steel rods are available. Heavy channels are available. Bedside carpets are available at low price. Pvc carpets are available.


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