New updates about the ration food grains may 2022 – atta, rice


Central government asked the state governments to keep ration shops on Sunday.All days ensure timely and safe distribution of subsidized, free food grains to the poor.The department of civil supplies functions under the department of food .They discharge important responsibilities of discipline, promotion of consumer awareness, protection of their interests. In our state,the production of food grains and PDS timely lifts commodities from the Central pool.


They ensure distribution of same through more than 14000 ration shops.They keeps vigil to discourage hoardings ,black marketing distribution of kerosene governed by kerala kerosene contro, order. In 1997 Government of India launched a Public Distribution system for poor people.


According to this system, scarcity through distribution of food grains at an affordable price. They become an important part of government policy for management of the food economy. They Supplement and not intended to make available the entire requirement of commodities distributed under to a household or section of a society.It is operated under responsibility of Central and state governments.

FCI has the responsibility for procurement, storage, bulk collocation of food grains , and transportation to the state government. Under the PDS, commodities such as wheat, rice ,sugar , kerosene are being allocated to States for distribution.

Now complaints of irregularities in Public Distribution of free food grains have increased. We can see an important thing for those who buy rice and Atta from the ration shop. If you do not pay attention to this information a great danger awaits you.Most of the people depend on ration shops for food grains. But now there is a complaint about food adulteration.


Adulteration is a problem posting serious health risks.Food is one of the basic necessities for sustenance of life.Food adulteration is an act of adding poor quality, inferior,harmful substances to is spoiling the quality of food is considered food adulteration. People who consume adulterated food suffer with stomach upset and other health related issues.Adulterated food is very dangerous because it may be toxic and affect health and it could deprive nutrients essential for proper growth and development.Adulterated food even causes cancer.


An investigation was launched following a complaint that expired ration atta and coloured rice were being sold in Ration shops. Several things were found in it. The free Kit distributed during the covid period did not contain coconut oil. Rice and the grains were in short supply. Now a complaint was that the Atta distributed to Cochin supplyco shops in April- May was out of expiry date.2 months are the expiry date of atta.In kochi ration shops distributed the atta packs after expiry date. You should check the expiry date and do not use it. You can replace it. You can complaint about the expiry date of atta or coloring of rice .



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