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       Electrical items are electrical equipment that work by means of electricity. Electricity is mostly used for lighting rooms,working fans,domestic appliances like using electric stove,air conditioners,etc.Electrical items are valuable items that make work become simpler, convenient and Quicker. It helps to make tasks like repairing and  building much easier, turning most tedious projects into easy tasks. 

          There are different kinds of electrical tools available in our market. It helps to make life more convenient. These tools at home and workplaces help you accomplish more tasks. It is the best result also. You can use a power saw to cut wooden boards into the pieces and sections that you need. You can use an electric drill to attach the segments with screws. You can use electric car polish to make your work easier. 


        Electric leaf blower can be used to clean the backyard. Electric tools will always be one of the best options for you. Electric equipment requires a great amount of care as these can be dangerous if not used properly. Improper usage of Power Tools can cause unwanted injuries. Electrical materials protect the houses, appliances and instruments from damage.


         We can use electrical items for entertainment ,engineering ,outdoors ,household, commercial, office purposes.we can see a place where we get electrical  items at low prices. It is in look lite,Paul plaza,ernakulam. 

       You can buy brand electrical items  at low prices. You can buy a 2.1 ampere USB socket.All electrical items are available is a big showroom of electrical items.All branded items are here.legrand brand switches are available  here. It is starting at Rs 35.legrand lunch models are available at Rs 42.Their Myrus brands are available at Rs 57.myrus next-gen switches are available at Rs 80 . These are broader,soft switches. Premium models are also available. All brands of switches have a 10 year warranty. 


       Honeywell evo switches are available at 26. Honeywell horizon model has Rs 45.white,grey, back color switches are available. Blenz plus model is available. It is the latest switch. It has Rs 55.Havells brand switches are available here. Havells Fabia model has Rs 27.variety colors of switches are available here. Designed switches are here.its coral modal switches are large switches. 


      Decor design switches have various designs. White or black with silver beading switches are available  here.Elleys electrics are available.  New trend switches are available. These all are quality materials. GM switches are available. Leather ,glass finished switches are here.modular switches are available here.


      Electrical vehicle chargers are available has Rs 750.Branded DB s are available at Rs low price. Havells DB s are here. Waterproof gate, garden DB  s are here.All types of wires are available at low price.v guard,gold medal, phenolic, RR,Havells wires are available starts from Rs 1110.wires are mainly  FR and FRLHS. FRLHS are used for construction of big buildings.  These are flame retardant materials. Normal housing wire is 90 m.FRLHS is 180 meter.


     RR brand wires have Rs 1200.Havells 180 meters  has Rs 1900.we can buy an automat company’s  smart shield fan. It is a BLDC fan.we will get remote with it. Mosquito repellent electronic wave is added to it. It works in 30 has Rs 5200. Different  types are available here. Kent fans are available at Rs 1200.designed BLDC fans are available.  Wooden design fans are available at Rs 4300. It has a not connect with regulator. Fans connect with lights at Rs 5200.


       Orient BLDC fans are available. You can control these fans with remote and has Rs 10750.BLDC fans reduces electricity bills. Alexa, Google assistance fans are available at Rs 5200.BLDC vguards fans are available at Rs 3500.


       Electrical water heaters are at Rs has 2 year warranty and site service. Crompton,havells, Luker branded water heaters are available here.different types of lights are available here.wall lights have Rs 450.stationary,6 way,4 way lights are here. Different fancy lights are here. Profile lights are available  here. It is connected to an aluminum channel and concealed. We can make different  patterns with it. It costs Rs 220. We can select 120 to 240 LED channels.gate lamps are available is cast iron body. We can replace the bulbs.LED chip gate lamps are here.different types of garden lights are here. We can change the directions of this light. It has Rs 9000. 


        Normal garden lights have Rs 1200.these all are cast iron body lights. Solar gate lights are available. It has Rs has 2 year warranty and on site warranty. These are luker company products. Different types of mirror lights are available.  Tiltable lights are available at Rs 800.stainless steel lights are street lights are available is called cob LED lights. We can change the direction. Anti Glare lights are available at Rs 1000. 


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