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       Sanitaryware products are designed to increase the beauty of your bathroom. Various types of bathroom Sanitary Wares are available in our market. Sanitary appliances are fittings used for collecting and discharge of wastes. sanitary wares are plumbing fixtures like sinks,lavatories, toilet bowls.sanitary fittings are used for cleaning clothes,utensils etc.Good Sanitarywares have good efficiency, durability, finishing  and ease to use.The important Sanitarywares are toilets, washbasins, bidets,  pedestals,sinks ,urinals, bathtubs, should  select  best quality  Sanitarywares.


        Do not purchase complicated systems,you can avoid doing so.complicated materials are difficult to install. Most of the Sanitarywares are made with durable ceramics to ensure should choose Sanitarywares with good not purchase Sanitarywares with poor performance. Poorly made Sanitarywares use subpar techniques and ceramics. Check if the item has ISO certified is much better if your Sanitarywares can withstand a minimum 400kg. make sure that there are no sharp edges on your Sanitarywares. You should  check the reviews of the product online.take advantage of warranties to prolong the lifespan of Sanitarywares. You can use the warranty, in case you have faulty parts.


        Good sanitaryware should always be reliable. Good glossy finished sanitarywares are easy to clean.bathrooms are most frequently resigned rooms in a shows the importance of quality sanitarywares.  A good design with excellent fittings begins with a good concept. Bathroom is one thing which requires thorough attention while can select decorative sanitarywares including washbasin with pedestal, cabinets, ceramic water closets,pans,bathtubs,etc. A good and comfortable bathroom gives comfort, good appearance  and a mirror to your personality. You should keep the bathroom neat,well maintained, good quality sanitaryware. 


       There are mainly two wide categories of sanitaryware. First one is water appliances which are used for cleansing. They are wash basins,tubs ,and showers.second types are waste disposal items. They are water closets,urinals etc.High ranking sanitarywares are characterized by scratch, rot,rust resistance properties. 

        Good sanitarywares are helps to save water.there are numerous themes that you can select designing the bathroom such as traditional ,classic,contemporary, can purchase quality sanitarywares at reasonable price .we can see a place where we get quality  sanitarywares at low is in kripa home solutions,puthoor, Kottarakara. 


     You can buy Quality wash basins at Rs 1000.It has a 10 year guarantee.European Closet full set has Rs has also 10 year guarantee.A quality  bathtub has Rs 7000.A sink has Rs has 5 year guarantee.There is a live display area.


     All materials  have on-site warranty. Pumps are started from Rs 2000.All building products are available here.kajaria brand materials are here.base to premium categories of materials are available finished closet has Rs 15,000.All materials  has color guarantee. Wall hang closets start at Rs 5000.


      Tap items ,wall mixtures are available here. It has a 15 years Warranty. American standard materials are available here.closets are started at Rs 10,000.table top wash basins started at Rs 3000.Grohe brand materials are available is a complaint free product. Kerovit accessories are here.crystal brand wellness products are here.bath tubs are started from Rs 6000.jagusee bath tubs are here. It has massaging facilities. It starts from Rs 75,000.


      Shower cubicles are available has foot massager and body is a completely touch model. It has Bluetooth, FM facilities.  It starts at Rs 80,000.bathroom glass partition is available. It has a 10 to 15 year Warranty. 


      Grohe Concealed flush tanks are available. Different types of Kitchen sinks are available. It starts from Rs 750.futura branded kitchen sinks are available at Rs 30,000.elvis branded taps are available at Rs has 10 year on site warranty. Taps start from Rs 500 to 25,000.


       Branded quality closets start from Rs has also 10 year Warranty. Bathx brand washbasins, closets are here.wash basins starts at Rs 2000. Closets start at Rs 7000.they provide good service to the customers. Bathtub starts at Rs 7000. cabinet wash basins are started at Rs 6000.These are pvc aluminum  materials. 


         Kitchen hood ,hobes are available. Faber starts at Rs 10500.glen starts at Rs 8000.Preethi stoves starts at Rs 2500.Different types of lighting categories are here.All branded items are here. gates,garden,solar,fancy lights are available. All types of fans are here. BLDC fans are available at Rs 3000.pumps starts at Rs 2500.submersible pumps are here.Branded switches are available. Legrand,Schneider switches are here.They provide services. Asian, burger wholesale paints are here.


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