Agnimitra stoves – cook in less time,high efficiency 



Cooking is the preparation of food for eating by heating.It helps the people to meet nutrition guidelines in their daily nutrition supply.They help people to make healthier is the biggest aspect of our culture. It provides an opportunity to make well balanced should cook properly to completely destroy harmful should check whether foods have been properly cooked.


Before eating cooked food,it is important to cut with a small knife in the middle. You can choose Cooking thermometer to check if the food has been cooked well.if food is not cooked well,it can lead to dangerous diseases. Cooking food provides an opportunity to create well balanced meals including Carbohydrates, fats,protein, vitamins and minerals. You should add salt to the food. Most raw food contains viruses,bacteria and helps to destroy the micro organisms.


Cooking gas is a fuel made of petrol containing a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases like propane,propylene and butane.LPG is used as fuel gas in heating. Cylinder gas is present in gas and liquid forms.LPG is a non toxic gas.LPG is not possible to freeze under living conditions.


But now the rate of Cooking gas. Rising price of cooking gas causes a huge setback to the common people. Avoiding cooking gas is very difficult. Most of the people use firewood.most of the people go to work,study ,so the only way to depend on gas cylinders.But We can see a solution to cpo, fast.we can use it in homes and hotels. It is called agnimitra.


Agnimitra is used as relief from the LPH can be used in the form of firewood.we can use this stove in our homes and hotels. It is five times more efficient than conventional gas receives upto 41%more heat .This product was discovered at government College of engineering, kannur.

It has three variant prices from Rs 8000 to Rs 50000.when they use an electric stove,they use more electricity. But it uses less electricity. Newly built agnimitra stove used with many candles as they need to charge mobile battery.The battery can be used to operate without use of electricity.


Only three pieces of wood will be efficient for good is typically consumed at a rate of 700 grams/ is designed to operate at high power.These are designed for different fuel types ,power levels to match cooking needs.these stoves are Porta and light weighted.


It is very useful for all people .It is a type of firewood. It helps to get 5 times greater heat. It provides 41% heat .It is introduced by the center of excellence in systems energy and environment, kannur government engineering has mainly 3 models of is a normal these stoves,31/2 kg wood pieces are required for 1 hour cooking. A fan is connected inside of this stove. It needs small electricity .We can increase the power of this stove.These stones will be developed and marketed soon.


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