How to register property online ,documents

Land registration in India is governed by Registration act 1908,section 17.According to this act,all transactions related to sale of a property should be registered to ensure transfer of title to the owner.Registration department manages the registration of a property. By registering a property, the document of transfer becomes permanent public record.It is conveying information to the public that the owner transferred the property to the buyer.


Identity proof
Proof of ownership
Digital photograph of property
ID proof of two witnesses
Certified copy of original sale deed

Stamp duty is a legal tax payable as proof of sale.

How to register property online

Visit official home page of registration department of Kerala
Click on online application
Select online document details entry -user registration
Enter all details such as user type, login name, first and last name,adhar number, date of birth,password, address,mobile number, etc
After successful registration, you can see ‘success’ message on the screen.
You can login into the web portal using username and password
The applicant should select a time slot (token)for registration.
Search and select convenient time slot for presenting document in sub registrar office
After filling the details, click on view token option.choose the available slot and select it
Then you can see transaction type window.
Choose appropriate transaction type and submit it.
Enter the details of presenter and documents.
Enter previous document details
Click on presentation details
Provide buyers details.
Enter sellers details
Enter power of attorney details.
Enter the details of property.
Enter the building details
When several owners are in the property,you should provide the details
Enter details of two individuals who will be the witness at the time of registration
Enter stamp paper details
Submit the application to the sub registrar office.
Click on accept and continue.
You can see the mode of payment option.
Make the online payment .You will get an acknowledgement slip.It contains department of reference number, date,time,place of presentation.
For registration submit a printout of report along with documents to the sub registrar office.
After registration, you will get a sale deed.then you should mutate the property.

Purchasing a land is selecting the right location and right property. Try to negotiate a rate,finalize the mode of payment. You can have legal advice .A lawyer normally creates a legal title report based on all information that has been collected. You should obtain an encumbrance certificate. It helps to confirm whether the property is free from loans,leases,debts,etc.

Mutation Is the transferring property to another person, changing owners name in registration offices records.Then the presence of witnesses, buyer and seller to sign the is written on stamp paper. Change title of property and pay your property taxes.

Now you can register online .You will get the form of adharam from online. For the first time, transfer of wills,endowments can be registered in this way.The government has allowed transfer of Financial resources in English and Malayalam. This type of registration system has been started up at the Patton sun registrars office in the capital. It will soon be implemented in other sub registrar offices in the state.

On the transfer of commitment of wealth, the photo and fingerprints of the land transferors are recorded electronically. In the register at the registrar office, the ink should be smeared on the finger and applied to it.The practicer was to obtain a stamp paper from the vendor after the authors or attorneys had written the deed ,recorded the photo and fingerprint of the registrant of the transfer on the stamp paper,copied the information of filing sheet, entered the information online ,paid the registration fee and then went to the sub registrar’s office to register.

But now it is fully changed. But now we can enter the details online and pay the fees of stamp paper, registration fees online.Then you can enter the sub registrar office. They verified and registered the is very useful for the registration .

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