Concrete polish flooring – benefits 

        Granites are medium grained igneous rock that is rich in feldspar and quartz. Granites are  forms from Magma with the high content of silica and alkali metal oxides. It is slowly cooled and solidified under the ground. Granite rocks contain mica minerals. Granites are hard, tough and massive structures.granites are used for gravestones and memorials. It is used as dimension stone,flooring tiles in commercial buildings and monuments.It is used as pavement material.

       Marbles are most popular ornamental and decorative has good co.or,attractive pattern,Durability, strength and designs.It is used in cladding,skirting,flooring, tabletops, kitchen countertops,sculptures, etc.mainly it is used in temples,palaces,homes,temples, is durable and using for flooring. It has been used for flooring for centuries. It is easy to clean.

      We can see a budget friendly flooring.  It gives a finishing like granite floor.It is an existing concrete flooring. Concrete can be used as a decorative flooring material. It can make some elegant and colourful floors.A concrete floor is strong and durable. Concrete flooring begins with a structural concrete pad .It is difficult to damage ,high heels ,furniture legs ,and pet claws won’t scratch the surface. 

     Concrete floors are a good match for homes with modern style. Concrete flooring is more mainstream as part of both contemporary, traditional home design. Most of the polished concrete flooring is made from cement based coating with added polymers.concrete creates an industrial look and usually be laid on existing substrates .it gives natural appearance. The cost of the poured floor is dependent on work involved and size of room.

      Flooring is very important in flooring. We used tiles,granites and marbles for flooring. But  now concrete flooring is familiar. In this flooring ,tiles,granites, marbles are not does not need labour cost to the pavement of tiles.we can make a granite finish to the concrete. We can see how to make concrete flooring.  It is in kwalkrete construction, thrissur. 

        They used the latest technologies to make concrete flooring. They do waterproofing,structure repairing,industrial flooring, etc.we can do polished concrete flooring in floors,kitchen tops,sealing, walls,etc.we can use it everywhere. We will get a granite finished floor.

      First concrete level.we will get a beautiful floor .Normally concreting has tolerance. They concrete it using Channels.They finished it with power travels.There are mainly 3 three stages. They are 7th stage,5 stage and 3 stage.In 7 th stage concrete is mirror finished.They used smoothing pads in the machine. We will get a number of pads in the market. 

      We can do concreting in different colors. We can add oxides and pigments. If you want black color in the concrete, you can add black oxide. If you want off-white color, you can add white cement. They make concrete polishing in existing concrete. It has a low cost.They polished existing concrete. 

     We can contact them before concrete the floor. Because skilled people should do this concreting. Do dot get leveling in case of manual concreting. Curing is necessary. After curing, polish the floor. Colored concrete finishing is available.we can make it in bathrooms also.

      We can use it in tabletops,wash counters, is very profitable. 7 th stage polishing has Rs 120/square feet,5 th stage has Rs 80/ square feet. The 3rd stage has Rs  60/square feet.All things are visible during polishing. Cracks, patches,tones are seen. There is a chance to crack the concrete.  So they provide control joints between concrete. Brass or steel strips are used to join them. They provide 3×3 size. 

      They mainly used Lithium silicate for concreting. They used heavy machinery for polishing. It is durable, strengthened.we can polish plastering, ceiling,furniture, pots,walls,etc.

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