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Archives / February 2021

Unique Disability Identity Card for disability peoples

       Today I would like to inform you about a very important news for you. This is a benefit provided by the central department of social security and welfare. People with the disabilities and various disabilities in our country and state can also avail this benefit. Such a people are getting benefit from the central and...CONTINUE READING

How to gain weight naturally 

       Today I would like to inform you about how to gain weight.Some people tensioned about their weight.  They do not increased weight . If your BMI is below 18.5, your weight is too low.Normal healthy weight is 18.5 to 24.9. BMI  is the ratio of persons weight to height . Under weight  affect our health....CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

An easy way to clean the ceiling fan with a plastic bottle

    Today I would like to inform you about a tip for cleaning the ceiling fan easily with a plastic bottle.Cleaning is the process of removing dust from the environment. We are all like to cleaning houses. We can clean our house with water,detergent, etc.  Remove all wastes fro the house and environment. Use disinfectant to...CONTINUE READING

A new change  in the driving schools

       Today I would like to inform you about a new change in the driving practice.Those over 18 yrs can take license.To get a new driving license,a citizen needs to apply to a registered driver’s inf institute.Driving license is an official document  it gets holder to operate vehicles . It gives permission to drive a vehicle...CONTINUE READING

Importance of health insurance 

       Today I would like to inform you about a health scheme.Now we all face a difficult situation.  Covid 19 is spreading day by day.  Many people admitted in the hospitals due to covid 19and other diseasf60 p. But they do not have health insurance coverage. Many disease will come unexpectedly.              We need huge amounts of...CONTINUE READING

We get loan Rs 5 lakh  from kerala gramin bank 

        Today I would like to inform you about a loan. We get this loan fro,kerala gramin bank.Now most people had lost their jobs because of covid 19. So they are in difficult  situations.  Loans are very important  to them . They applied many banks or financial institutions  for loans.  But there are high interest rate...CONTINUE READING

Natural remedy to remove the kidney stone completely 

    Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy for kidney stone. Kidney stones are the hard deposit of minerals,salts in the kidney. It originate in kidney. It is the common cause of blood in the urine.     Kidney stones block the flow of urine . It may causes swelling,pain .Main symptoms are severe...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

Karshaka kshemanidhi pension Rs 5000

       Today I would like to inform you about a happy news for farmers. It is a great benefit in our state for farmers. It is very useful help for farmers in kerala. Now all farmers will apply for this benefit. They should be experience in this field above 3 years. Our kerala government has formed...CONTINUE READING
Category:information, News

Dhani pay one freedom card

     Today I would like to inform you about a card, This card gives Rs 1 lakh loan  without interest.This card is called Dhani one freedom card.It is an offering of the dhani application. It provides interest free loan. They get unlimited access to doctors  24 hrs a day. This card is like a credit card....CONTINUE READING
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