We get loan Rs 5 lakh  from kerala gramin bank 

        Today I would like to inform you about a loan. We get this loan fro,kerala gramin bank.Now most people had lost their jobs because of covid 19. So they are in difficult  situations.  Loans are very important  to them . They applied many banks or financial institutions  for loans.  But there are high interest rate and other things refuse the loan.  

      But today I want to introduce an easy loan for common man.  We get maximum Rs 5 lakh from kerala gramin bank. Here the interest rate is very low. We can use this loan for new businesses. We get repayment time is 15 years. We can use this loan for any purposes.

      It is a new scheme. You will need to provide collateral to get this loan.We need  a CIBIL score above 700 to get this loan.

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