Dhani pay one freedom card

     Today I would like to inform you about a card, This card gives Rs 1 lakh loan  without interest.This card is called Dhani one freedom card.It is an offering of the dhani application. It provides interest free loan. They get unlimited access to doctors  24 hrs a day. This card is like a credit card. It is subscription  free card. It takes some amount from the applicant. We have a limit  to purchase things with this card. After the limit an amount will go to the subscription. 

     We get many loans from banks with high interest rates. But this app ,it is an interest free loan We can apply for marriage,medical purpose,home renovations, business etc. We can conduct all process through online.

    The applicants get up to Rs 15 lakh through this app.we get loan within 3 minutes. We can use this card online and offline.

    We can pay this card at any online stores. We can swipe this card retail shops,petrol pump,restaurants  etc. 

    Download the Dhani personal loan app. Enter your phone number. You can enter the loan amount. Enter the personal details.Then you will get the loan amount directly to your bank account.

       Mainly it has two services. Dhani health and dhani financial  services. It has monthly subscription  fees.  It is in some cities only . We get a repay card from this application. We can’t use this card in ATM.   We can use this card in petrol pumps.  It has minimum Rs 10 fuel charge.

    We can keep Rs 10000 to 1 lakh. It has a service charge. We can transfer to banks up to Rs 25000. It has service charge. We get cash back. But we use this cash in dhani  platform only.


Bank details

Address proof

PAN card

Adhar card


Age limit above 21 years

Self employed,  salaried

Indian citizen

Cibil score

     It has also a dhani super saver card. It gives 5% cash back. We get free dhani health service with this. It has subscription  fees. We can select the plans . We have subscription  fees based on plans. It has also limit. We get maximum cash back  Rs 2500 in silver plan.

     Next is the dhani credit line we get loan within 3 minutes. First 6 months we can uplay the interest only. We get a repay card with this we get 5% cash back also. It has processing fees

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