Unique Disability Identity Card for disability peoples

       Today I would like to inform you about a very important news for you. This is a benefit provided by the central department of social security and welfare. People with the disabilities and various disabilities in our country and state can also avail this benefit. Such a people are getting benefit from the central and state governments.

       They will get a card. Its card Unique disability identity card.(UDID).This is implemented with a creating a national database,and issued a card to each disability person. It is a single document of identification, verification of disabled persons.It will replace your certificate of disability. It is the disability ID to all disabled persons in India.

       It is a main document  for disability people.Now Applications for this card are now open. They can apply to the benefits through this card. The central government will give preference to the holders of this card.


Adhar card



Address proof

Certificate showing disability rate.

           We can apply through Akshaya Janaseva centers. Paralysis,People with limited visual acuity,loco motor disability, leprosy,people with mental retardation, psychiatric patients,hearing disability dwarfism,epilepsy,alzheimers, difficult neurological problems, hemophilia,speech impairment, blood related diseases can apply for this card.

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