A new change  in the driving schools

       Today I would like to inform you about a new change in the driving practice.Those over 18 yrs can take license.To get a new driving license,a citizen needs to apply to a registered driver’s inf institute.Driving license is an official document  it gets holder to operate vehicles . It gives permission to drive a vehicle o  roads. In India mainly two kinds of license. Learners license and permanent license.

     We should have medical certificate, practice, knowledge in the symbols of road signals for driving license. We will get a driving license. But now there is a change .The person should  take a driving course from  a driving school. We get a certificate  from  driving school.

        If the person wants to take  a non transport licence ,he should complete the 29 training classes. If the person wants to take a transport licence, he should complete  30 training course. 

      Here a biometric system is used  to check the training.  The trainees educational qualification is plus two and motor mechanism certificate course and 5 year experience.A work shop is needed.

    In hilly areas 1 acre land is needed. In plain areas ,2 are land is needed to make tracks.

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