Natural remedy to remove the kidney stone completely 

    Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy for kidney stone. Kidney stones are the hard deposit of minerals,salts in the kidney. It originate in kidney. It is the common cause of blood in the urine.

    Kidney stones block the flow of urine . It may causes swelling,pain .Main symptoms are severe pain in the abdomen,back.Painful urination, blood in the urine,shortness of breath,Smell in the urine,nausea,vomiting, fever,decreased urine output,swelling in legs,ankles. The kidney stones also block ejaculatory duct and cause infertility. 

     Drinking plenty of water prevent kidney stone formation.Take lemon juice,dandelion root juice,celery juice.Exercise helps to remove stone naturally.Take citrus juices.Avoid chocolates, spinach,tea,nuts. Take banana .Decreased salt intake.Limit protein intake.Avoid energy drinks.

    Today I would like introduce a natural remedy to remove kidney stone within 3 days. It is very useful remedy. The ingredients  are drum stick skin  and karikku.

     Take drum stick skin. Wash well and crush well. Take 2 glass ilaneer water. Mix the drum stick skin and 1 glass  ilaneer water . Squeeze well and filter it. Just drink on an empty stomach.Then drink 1 glass remaining ilaneer water. After ½ an hour take the break fast. We should drink this remedy at least 3 days continuously for 4 weeks . After that drink this remedy monthly once for 3 months. It remove kidney stone completely.

     Next remedy is Take one and half handfuls horse gram ( muthira) and add 2 glass of water .Add 11/2 handful  spinach  in it . Boiled this water very well and after cool filter it. Take ½ glass water in the morning  and ½ water in the evening. Add 2 tsp lemon juice to it.  Take this juice half an hour after food. Take this juice continuously for a month. It is very use ful remedy to remove the kidney stone.


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