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Jewellery transactions  under PMLA 

     Today I would like to inform you  about gold.Today I would like to share with you an important  information that gold sellers,buyers,and holders of gold ,need to know. It is very useful information.       The union Ministry of Finance has issued a notification in this regard. Accurate details of gold jewellery collection and transactions in jewellery...CONTINUE READING

We get 10 LED bulbs at Rs 65 from KSEB

      Today I would like to inform  you an information  about LED bulbs. We will get LED bulbs at Rs 65 from KSEB. Its purpose is to make our state becomes filament free kerala.      KSEB and energy management  center are jointly implementing this project. This gives us 9 watt LED bulbs. These bulbs has 3 year...CONTINUE READING

10 benefits provided by the government to the elderly  peoples

      Today I would like to inform you a happy news for the elderly peoples. Our state government has recently announced  10 benefits for the elderly peoples. Some of these schemes will come into effect by the 15th of January.It is very helpful to old age peoples.             These projects have been initiated with the coordination of...CONTINUE READING

Important  information  about AADHAR card

       Today I want to inform you about AADHAR card new changes.Aadhar card is the 12 digit identification  number issued by UIDAI. It contains biometric  details such as iris scan,fingerprints and demographic information  like address and date of birth.        We can check the details  of Aadhar card  online. We need adhar card to get all the ...CONTINUE READING

We get Rs 3000/ month through shram yogi Mandhan yojana

    Today I want to inform you about a happy news for you. We get a useful scheme is called shram yogi man dhan yojana. We get Rs 3000 from this scheme. Documents  Adhar card  Bank account details         It is a social welfare scheme. The main purpose of this scheme is old age people protection and...CONTINUE READING

Important  information for social security  welfare pensioners

      Today I would like to inform you about benefits of  pension. Government  increases a lot of benefits . Now we will get Rs 1500 / month.Today I would like to share with you a few things that pensioners should pay attention.        Recipients of social security welfare pensions should pay attention  to this information. This pension...CONTINUE READING

Loan assistance of Rs 10,000 through swanidhi scheme

     Today I would like to inform  you a happy news about  a benefit from central government. Under the swanidhi scheme of the central government, those who are eligible  get Rs 10,000 each.This Rs 10,000 is available as loan assistance without collateral.      During the lock down, the livelihoods of many street vendors in urban areas came...CONTINUE READING

How to clean the gas burner

      Today we can see how to clean the gas burner. It is very useful idea.  Sometimes our gas do not flow correctly. Because of  some particles blocked the holes. It affect our cooking.Gas stoves are easy to clean.we can clean thoroughly gas burner.        We can clean the gas burner with water and vinegar,dishwashing detergent and...CONTINUE READING

Snehapoorvam scholarship  scheme for students

     Today I would like to inform you about a good news for all people. This benefit is available for children of all people without difference for APL,BPL category. This  benefit is called snehapoorvam scholarship scheme.      This benefit is available  to those who are experiencing  a lot of difficulties in life.Those whose parents have died can...CONTINUE READING