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    Home appliances are machines which assist household functions. Home appliances are any of numerous and varied electric gas powered electrical devices introduced to save labour and the time in the households. Common home appliances are water filter, lamp shade ,ceiling fan ,dishwasher, kitchen stove, water heater, freezer ,refrigerator ,television,air conditioners, air coolers,microwave ovens,etc. Wide range of home appliances are available in the market at affordable rates. Home appliances help us to save time on everyday tasks. One of the most important home appliances in our home is the refrigerator. You will have a little use for the rest of your kitchen appliances without a place to store groceries. Home appliances assist in household functions like  cleaning ,cooking ,lighting, food preservation ,entertainment,etc. . Home appliances like washing machines make our life so much easier.

     Small kitchen appliances are also important in a house. Coffee makers, food Processors,fryers, mixers, electric grills, multi-cookers ,immersion circulators ,immersion blenders are the kitchen appliances. Electric appliances worked by converting electric energy into mechanical energy. The development of technology has made it possible for people to live a more comfortable life. If you want to buy household appliances there are several factors to consider. You should check Energy efficiency ,warranty, manufacturers customer service etc.

     You should find appliances which not only will give you good service over a longer period of time but will also provide cheaper to run. If you want to buy dishwashers ,water usage and water heating are the main considerations. You should select a dishwasher which uses the minimum amount of water and produces water temperature capable of sanitizing dishes.

    If you want to buy a gas or electric oven its cleaning features also be an attraction. You would prefer an oven with self cleaning and continuous cleaning options. Refrigerators are very essential and productive in a family. 8to 10 cubic feet refrigerator is enough for parents with two children. If you want to increase energy efficiency select a model with a freezer sitting at the top of the unit.

     If you want to buy a washing machine or dryer it will depend on the power outlet in your washroom area. Dryers are either gas or electric powered. So you should need a gas outlet. You can choose a front loading washing machine because it provides energy efficiency. You should choose less water ,larger capacity, water level control and adjustable spin cycle washing machines. Energy efficiency appliances provide environmental and economical benefits to us. Its increased efficiency can lower Greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. It lowers utility bills.

      We can see a place where we get home appliances  at 60% onam offer rates. It is in Nandilath G mart. You can buy all types of home appliances at low rates. 

Hood and hobbes 

   It is an important appliance in the kitchen. We can purchase different  types of food and hobbies from here. Variety  brands are available here. 3 and 4 burners are available here. Pure flame brand hood and hob are available here.It is an Indian company product. It is a Castern pan support product. It has a Brazz burner . It has a 5 years warranty for toughened glass material.it has 1 year total  product warranty.  It is an automatic material. It has a battery . And the flame formed with the support of the battery. They provide a combo offer. If you purchase a hood and hob,you will get a 60% offer.It has Rs 54890 . But you can purchase it at Rs21990.chimney has 11 year motor warranty 1year total product warranty.

 Faber brand is available.it is one of the best brands. Economic model is available.  It is 90cm long. It has an automatic  cleaning function, weaving model. You can control it with your hands.you can wave and change the speedo it. You can also touch it. It has Rs 64,000.It has sensor facilities. Automatically cuts off the flame . It contained a flame failure device which cut off the gas.3 burner has this facility. It has 5 year glass Warranty, 5 year burner warranty, 5 year valve warranty,1 year full product  warranty. It has full autoclean facilities. 

Gas stoves 

   Different kinds of gas stoves are available here. Steel categories are also here. V Guard 3 burner  steel gas stove available at Rs 4650. Steel categories are low range materials.it has 5 year warranty for burner and body. Bajaj gas stoves are available here.it has Rs 4670.it has also same warranty.  Variety models  are available. 

Microwave ovens

   Different  kinds of ovens are available. Variety features are available. Heir 20 liter solo category available at Rs 4990.it has 41% offer. It has a 3 year warranty for magna tone and 1 year total product  warranty. Grill rack ovens are available.  Bajaj products  have Rs 7000.


   Variety branded refrigerators are available. kelvinator branding 12 year warranty, single door,25% discount, It has Rs 9990.Haier brand single door refrigerator has 35% offer. It has Rs 11,500.it has 10 year warranty.  Samsung single door has Rs 13,500.godrej available at Rs 15,000.All famous brands are available.  

    Kelvinator model double door refrigerator has Rs 20,000.it is inverter technology model.it has 10 year warranty.  It has 258 units per year. Heir latest model has a low freezer facility.it is mirror finished product. No scratch issues. Refrigerator  has 40% offers.It has Rs 33500.Different types of refrigerators are available here.

Washing machines   

  Top load and front loads are available.  Fully automatic washing machines are available at Rs 12,990.it has 6.5kg capacity. It is a kelvinator brand . It has a 10 year warranty. Whirlpool, heir, Samsung brands are available. Samsung,6.5 kg,inverter technology, low electricity consumption refrigerator is available. It has RS 19590.LG 12kg available. Steam wash available. It has a 10 year warranty.  It has Rs 47900.front load available. the 6kg washing machine  costs Rs 17990.inverter type has Rs 24,000.it has touch control. We can change spin.it has 80% drying. 


  Offer starts from base series.12 inch smart TV has Rs 7890.  NormalHD TV  has Rs 6990Samsung has Rs 13,000

Air conditioner 

  It has upto 45% offer.10 year compressor warranty available. The 1.5 ton neutron brand has Rs 29,900.it has 50% offer.samsung 1.5 ton. 4star, convertible 5 in1 ac available.  We can change the modes and control power consumption. It has 40990.14 brands available. All outlets of Nandilath g mart will get these benefits. They have 40 years experience. They have 41 showrooms in Kerala. They provide 10 Tata punch cars,50TV ,50 fridge, 50 washing machine, 50 oven, 50 tablets, 50mobile ,50 Smart watches,etc.

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