New updates about K stores(Ration shops )- mini banking, small gas,akshaya services /  Chellu pani – causes,signs,prevention


     We can see some important things that we need to know about tomorrow and days to come from May 14,2022. This information is very important. We will get food grains,oils,and wheat from ration shops. And also mini banking facilities, akshaya services, in ration shops.Ration shops are changed to hi tech stores. It is called K stores. Some ration shops are selected for hi tech ration shops. 

      Consumers may soon be able to purchase small LPG cylinders and financial products alongside grains from ration shops. Small LPG cylinders are typically those that are less than 14.2kg.most common small LPG cylinders have weight 5 kg.Now central government made a decision about allowing ration shops in our country to sell gas cylinders and financial products. Already the center allows common service centers to retail small LPG cylinders less than 14.2 kg.Ration shop owners will have to source the cylinders from registered dealers only. The criteria as to which ration shop should be allowed to store and sell cylinders will be determined by the department of food.

     800 ration shop owners submitted applications for K stores.They can transform ration shops into smart service centers. Kstores provides supplyco outlets, e services, mileage Boothbay mini ATMs.In rural areas,1000 applications are invited.Civil supplies department decided to invite applications after the ration shop owners expressed interest for this service. 

     Some demands are needed to start K stores. It needs 350 to 500 square feet of room. Rs 2 lakh loans wi.. be  provided for enlarge existing ration shops. State Bank of India and Bank of Baroda have agreed to lend at 5% interest. This facility provides more service to the public along with the food grain distribution.

     Minister of food and civil supplies informed us that ration outlets in our state will be turned into K stores. He also informed that strict action should be taken against the undeserving consumers who possess priority household ration cards. In the first phase of K stores 1000 ration shops will be developed.

       K stores include Mini banking, utility payment, Chotu gas issuing ,distribution of milma products and items with subsidy ,Sabari brand products. These all facilities are given with the help of Smart cards. Ration shops should maintain a special storage infrastructure. Transactions using ATM cards worth Rs 5000 can be executed. You can buy supplyco products through these K stores. 

You can buy rice, wheat,kerosene, coconut oil, sugar,chilley,peas,beans,etc from K will get subsidies for these food items. 

     Scrub typhus or Child fever second death  is reported in Kerala. 38 years woman died due to scrub typhus in Thiruvananthapuram. She was suffering from this disease for the past 15 days. Earlier a 15 year old girl died in Varkala. The health department of our state took measures to destroy the ticks in the affected areas.

       Scrub typhus disease is also known as Chellu fever. It is caused by mite borne bacterium . It is transmitted by chigger mites, the larval stage from animals. It is mainly transmitted through rats ,squirrels, rabbits to humans. The symptoms of this disease are similar to other vector Borne diseases. It usually begins within 10 days of being bitten. The main symptoms are sour on the skin with the punched out appearance. Other symptoms are sweating, headache, fever, swollen lymph nodes, bloodshot eyes,vomiting, diarrhoea, Rash ,lung infection etc.

    Symptoms usually appear on the 10th 12 days. After the infection a person can experience mental changes like confusion to coma stage. This infection can lead to respiratory distress, kidney failure ,inflammation of the brain ,multi organ failure, leading to death.

      We can treat this disease with antibiotics. There is no vaccination for this disease. You should avoid contracting the disease by avoiding areas with a lot of vegetation. When visiting areas where the disease occurs, you should wear long sleeve dresses  and not sit directly on the grass. You should use insect repellents containing not contact with Animals. 

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