How to reduce the electricity bill and new updates about electricity bill rates 


     Electricity is a basic part of nature and it is the most widely used form of energy. Electricity is a second source of energy. It is produced by converting primary source of energy such as electrical power, wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, natural gas,coal, etc. The presence of an electric charge which can be positive or negative. Electricity is the heart of modern technologies. Electric power is used to energize equipments. Electricity is a convenient way to transfer energy it has been adapted to huge and number of uses. Electricity is an essential part of modern life. It is used for lighting ,cooling, heating, refrigeration ,operating appliances, operating computers ,electronics ,machinery ,Public Transportation system, etc.

       We can use electricity for entertainment, engineering ,transportation, Healthcare ,communication, household uses ,commercial uses ,official uses and outdoor activities etc. It is used in everyday life. we would be lost without electricity. Electricity helped to provide rapid transportation such as fast electric trains, entertainment like television,cinema, radio ,modern equipment like  computers and robots facilitated human life.

     Electricity bills are a bill for money owed for electricity used. It is a bill that local utilities issue to a consumer for electricity that their home consumes. It may be calculated through a metre reading at relevant premises. When reading your electricity bill you might wonder about how to calculate it. You can understand your electric bill is your energy cost.

      You can reduce your electricity bill by turning off the electronic appliances that you are not using. It will ensure that lesser units are being consumed. You can switch to LED to reduce  consumption of electricity. You should replace the old bulb with LEDs. You use power strips for multiple gadgets.

      Old film bulbs consume a lot of electricity. If you are replaced with LED bulbs it will help to reduce the electricity bills. While buying electronic items you should take the rating of it. You should try to buy equipment with a 5 star rating. You should turn off the appliances when you are done. Turning off the light, fan and ac which are not in use. You can save electricity and reduce electricity bills.

       You should run an air conditioner at 24 degree temperature. It will keep the room cool and reduce electricity bills. You can set the timer in the air conditioner,once the room cools down the AC automatically turns off. You should try to improve your home’s air flow. It helps to reduce the usage of AC and fans. Unplug the devices. Lessen the usage of water. Keep the thermostat at a lower temperature.

       You can check the daily power usage at your home monitors through SRP metre. Now KSEB has implemented a self metre reading system. It is very useful in the containment zones. You should know how to take the readings from your KSEB electricity metre properly. You can track your energy usage also.

       Electricity tariff rates change every year. Kerala State Electricity regulatory Commission has announced an average 6.6 percentage increase in power tariff across domestic and agriculture to commercial and industrial consumers. Domestic consumers who consume up to 150 units per month will suffer a marginal increase in the electricity bill. It would be Rs 43 to 88 range.

     If the consumers who consume up to 250 units would be Rs 152.5 per month. Luxury households consuming more than 500 units per month ,the monthly bill could  increase by up to Rs 1000. Fixed charges have been hiked by 200% for industrial consumers. 22 to 53 percent increased for domestic consumers. Those with connected load of less than 1000 watts and consuming 0 to 40 units per month will be retained at Rs 1.250 per unit. The new tariff will come into effect from June 26 2022.

      Usually people come once in 2 months to take meter readings for electricity bills. But monthly electricity bill is likely to generate profit for consumers.It helps to reduce the electricity bill upto Rs500.we can see the main changes of monthly electricity bill. There are new changes in the electricity Bill in our state.

      The energy and fixed charge of electricity bill for up to 50 units is Rs 193. It has no changes. Rs 410 for those using upto 100 units instead of Rs 388.

      Units             old price        New price

■ Upto 50              Rs 193           Rs 193

■ Upto 100            Rs 388           Rs 410

■ Upto 150            Rs 638           Rs 675

■ Upto 200            Rs 973           Rs 1045

■ Upto 250            Rs 1363         Rs 1455

■ Upto 300            Rs 1850          Rs 1990

■ Upto 350             Rs 2420         Rs 2600

■ Upto 400             Rs 2880         Rs 3115

■ Upto 500             Rs 3680         Rs 4000

■ Upto 550             Rs 4495        Rs 4900

      You should pay the electricity bill from next month onwards.  KSEB officers take the units for two months. And then divided into two months. We can see the changes of electricity bill per one month.As per fixed slab rates for energy charges,a consumer using up to 250 units of electricity in a month should be billed at telescopic rates.Non Scopus rates are applicable for third who use more than 250 units per month. 

      According to telescopic tariff upto 250 units, (50×3.15)+(50×3.95)+(50×5)+(50×6.80)+(50×8).you should not provide fixed charge for 500 units. Each 50 units has separate charges. It does not affect the price. This type  has no changes in their bills per month. 

      But those people who have the electricity bill above 250 units per month have a high change. Because they should pay fixed charges for each unit. It badly affects the common man. If you pay the electricity bill monthly it provides great benefit to them. 

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