Distribution of onam free food kit from August 23,2022 – 14 items

Chief minister of kerala carried out an inauguration of onam food kit distribution to the ration shop distributors in the month of August.Government provides free food kits with 14 items including cloth carry bag.These kits would be distributed until September 7, 2022.on August 23,24 ,the kits would be distributed to the AAY card( yellow) holders.pink card holders can get free food kits on August 25,36,27.Non priority subsidy card holders(blue) will get free food kit on August 29,30,31.Non priority non subsidy card holders will get food kit on September 1,2,3.

Those people who do not collect their kits can get their kits from PDS shops on September 4,5,6,7.September 4 also works day for ration shops.All card holders will get their free food kits from respective ration shops.The portability system in connection with ration distribution may be avoided.

These free food kits are packed in the 1400 centers of supplyco.Totally 87 lakhs kits are expected to be distributed. Officials assess the progress of packing every day through online meetings. There is a special guard to ensure the quality and weight of food items in the food kits.

Food kits contain banana chips in some kits as a replacement for sharkara varatti/sharkara upperi.The civil supply department officials will reach the doorstep of government recognized welfare institutions and deliver kits.These kits would be door delivered to tribal colonies.

Food items in the onam food kit

Milma ghee – 50 ml
Cashew nuts – 50g
Table salt – 1 kg
Toor dal – 250g
Green gram – 500g
Sugar – 1 kg
Unakkalari – 500 g
Sharkara varatti- 100g
Tea dust – 100g
Coconut oil – 500 ml
Cardamom – 20g
Turmeric powder – 100g
Chilly powder – 100g
Cloth carry bag -1

The kit contains 14 items including cloth bag.ghee and cashew nuts are ew items.it is replaced by pappadam and jaggery.milma brand ghee should be provided.cashew nuts will be provided from Kerala state cashew development corporation limited. Other items are provided from the Sabari brand.

There are a total of 1500 packing centers across Kerala. The expense of one kit will be at Rs 434.The kits will be delivered to 119 tribal communities and 890welfare institutions. The state government spent around Rs 425 crore for distributing free kits.

For onam,the government distributed 1 kg of sugar to the AAY card holders at Rs 21.Non priority card holders will get 10kg of rice at Rs 10.9/kg. coconut oil provided separately.

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