Imported home theater, speakers,amplifiers,at low orice

Sound Technology is recording and manipulating sound waves. It includes music, sound effects or spoken words. Sound is very important because it engages audiences. Quality sounds have importance in every field. Achieving a high-quality sound must be purposefully done using the right technology. You should ensure high quality sound every time. A home theater system includes a TV, video source,receiver and speakers.Home theater system helps to catch the blockbusters and avoid heat. It provides cinematic experience. It should be isolated from the rest of home to avoid should ensure the installation is correctly and positioned properly. Make sure the arrangement of equipment seating proper Positioning enhances the viewing experience. You can combat natural light and use thoughtful lighting schemes. You should isolate outside noise by designing the space to absorb sound. You can watch movies at home and enjoy a full uninterrupted cinematic experience.

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Home theaters provide space for parents and children to play games, watch movies and create long lasting memories. Staying at home and entertaining your family is becoming more and more desirable. You can select the best seat and you can bring your favorite food and watch the movies. You can take your video game to a new level. The big screen and surround sound will make you feel like you are right there in the stadium. You can use the room for a home theater.

We can see a place where we get imported home theaters and sound systems.It is in Audio source electronics,Oppanakara street, Coimbatore.All materials are imported from foreign countries.various items are available here. Different types of stereo segment speakers are available here.different types of FM receivers Av receivers are available here.

Record player

Variety record players is available here. It is a rare item.

HIFI speakers

Different types of HIFI speakers are here. It provides original stereo outputs. These are imported speakers.Book shelf speakers are available here. Tower speakers are available. Home theater Package speakers are available.small bookshelf speaker has Rs 1,50,000.It isd made in Italian is sonus faber brand.It is a delicate instrument. You can purchase it at an affordable price.1 year old speakers are available. You can remove the outer cover. These hass variety of powered supports high amplifiers.

Stereo amplifiers

Rare models are available. Lexmon, sansui, nad,etc available. You can provide studio quality to a lesser amount or higher amount.


It is the same as a boom has a woofer in the back and a wifi has a 180° sound has bluetooth facility, and USB. It has a mobile application. You can control it using your mobile. It is performed like a tower speaker. It has a high fertility sound. It is a combo unit. It is imported from France.


Modern short,marans stereo speakers are available here.kanten german speakers are available here.ELAC brands are available. Elac is a German brand. Different types of speakers are available here. It has a metal con facility. Clips speakers are available.It hass Rs 1,10,000. It Contains USB, bluetooth, HDMI arc, record player facility also. It has a powered book will sound. You will get a good performance from bookshelf speakers.


All types of amplifiers are available here. Rocksan, Cambridge brands are available . You can select amplifiers and matching speakers available here. Stereo Amplifiers are started at Rs 9,000.They provide 100% guarantee to all products.if there is any packing damager, they replace the product.

Disc players

New latest disc players are can connect it to the amplifier. It has pure analogue facilities.It has Rs 1000.

Home theater system

Platina Monaco 5.1 system. It provides perfect theater is an original western home theater. It is tuned by THX. THX is a can connect to the receiver. 1 subwoofer, amplifier and 5 speakers to it.but it works without a receiver.It is completely powered can control it through mobile application.Everyone can work it easily. It has HDMI, ERC and ARC output facilities.It has optical fiber input.It has subwoofer, surround speakers. You can use it in 24 has a small AV receiver. You will get power cables with it. It has a high sound speaker system.It is a good theater sound. They provide warranty. GST bill with it.

THX speakers

Small to large speakers are available. 150w, 200w, 500w available.

Package home theater stsyem

Package home theater systems are available. 3 models are available.Timber 5.1,etc available. Basic package available. It is a satellite package. Tower package basic system available at Rds 17,000.Timber vina model 5.1 available at Rs 60,000. It is an Italian should buy an amplifier.All products have a warranty.They provide service facilities. Mission magnet speakers are available. Dual 8 inch speaker available.All speakers are active. It has Rs 45,000.16 inch speakers and has Rs 55,000.3000w subwoofer RMS value, made in canada available.

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